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Want to know what the best colognes for men are? We cover a range of mens colognes from Tom Ford to Gucci. So take a look at the colognes we’ve reviewed and see if any of them appeal to you.

How do we review mens Colognes?

For every single perfume or cologne that we review on site we put them through all of the same tests to ensure that our readers can easily compare them next to each other and find out which perfume they want to try next.

Brand & Perfume History

Firstly we take a look at the brand behind the cologne, how long they’ve been going on for and do they have any other notable fragrances.


Some of our readers will be collectors when it comes to cologne bottles, and lets face it who doesn’t like the allure of a nice looking bottle when making a cologne purchase. It can definitely tip the scales between two different perfumes even if its just going to be placed on the shelf.

Sprays Required

Depending on the concentration of the oils used in the cologne can reflect how many sprays you’ll need to get the desired effect. We’ve all been there before when we’ve applied our cologne and before we know it we cant smell it 2 hours later. Keep in mind though, too many sprays can be overpowering for people around you. We try to find the perfect sweet spot for the cologne so you’ll get decent coverage without it getting too overbearing for people nearby.


A cologne is nothing without its notes, this is the chemical composition that makes up the smell of a cologne/perfume. There are 3 layers to every cologne that you purchase and these are the top notes, the heart notes and finally the base notes.

On each of our mens cologne reviews we deep dive into every single note listing exactly whats in the fragrance so you can make an educated choice on whether you’d like to purchase.


We cover 3 various factors in performance which can heavily effect whether we recommend it or not:

Projection – This is how well the smell projects around you, the higher it scores on this the further it will project to those around you. Obviously high projecting smells will require less sprays to get the desired effect, meaning in theory the bottle should last you a lot longer.

Sillage – This is the scent trail that gets left behind from when you walk by, the higher the sillage then the longer the smell of your perfume will last in a room after you’ve left. This isn’t an indication of a scents lasting power though, so fragrances with lighter top notes such as lemon wont last as long after you’ve left as some with heavier spicy notes.

Longevity – A very important part of performance, how long does the cologne last on your skin before you need to reapply. Depending on which type of cologne you go for eau de toilette, cologne or parfum can affect how long it will last on your skin. This is due to the concentration of perfume extract thats in your cologne bottle. Take a look at this article for more information on the different types of perfume.

Target Market

Every cologne has their own target market, for instance Joop tends to be for the younger generation where as brands like Tom Ford and Creed tend to be aimed at a maturer audience with a bit more disposable income. We also look at who its aimed for gender wise, whether it’s for men, women or unisex. This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it feel free to try it out and see how it wears on your skin.

Value for Money

Theres no escaping it, luxury colognes come with luxury price tags. But trust us when we say this price doesn’t mean its a better cologne. We’ve come across Tom Ford perfumes that have a $250 price tag which may smell nice but last no where near as long as perfume dupes that are sold for a fraction of the price. We weigh up whether paying for the fancy packaging and the brand is even worth it.


None of us here want to smell like the crowd, we wear colognes to stand out amongst other people which is why its important to have a little bit of individuality in your cologne collection. Fragrances like Sauvage or Black Orchid are obviously very popular this means if its one of your signature scents you run the risk of smelling like everyone else.

Pros & Cons

Each of these colognes have their pro’s and cons, we will sum up these in our own opinion so you can see whether its going to be the right one for you.


Finally we give our verdict, this is where we wrap up our Cologne review and give an out of 5 score across Bottle, Projection, Sillage, Longevity and Price. We will also recommend shops where you can buy the cologne from as well.