The Best Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupes

The Best Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupes

If you’re a perfume enthusiast, chances are that you’d have come across lost cherry by tom ford. It’s a fragrance for women that was launched in 2018 and has a cherry fragrance. but what if you’d like to get the scent without having to spend a bomb on the perfume? We’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’d be covering alternative options for lost cherry by tom ford that are available at a budget-friendly price.

What is Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry?

Tom Ford Lost Cherry is a unisex perfume with a captivating allure for everyone. It is a blend of tart cherries, rose, and woody notes for a warm and inviting scent. Although it is priced at a staggering $390, you don’t have to spend a fortune for an amazing fragrance. There are some great dupe options for Tom Ford Lost Cherry that offer the same scent for a fraction of the price! So, if you’d like to get your hands on this tantalising scent without breaking the bank, then check out these top tom ford lost cherry dupes for your shopping pleasure!

The Best Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupes

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry is a popular scent for those who love rose notes. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir is a fragrance that many consider to be a dupe for the scent. It opens up with a rose top note and transcends to a powdery scent for a classic, timeless feel. This fragrance has been around for years and is considered a classic for its long-lasting scent. It’s no surprise why people often turn to Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir for a good dupe for Tom Ford’s lost cherry.

Alexandra Fragrances Fructus Virginis

Alexandra Fragrances Fructus Virginis is a great dupe for Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry fragrance. It has a strong cherry aroma and notes of black cherry, cherry liqueur, almond, Turkish rose, jasmine sambac for sweetness and tonka bean and sandalwood for a soft base. It offers a long-lasting scent for 8-9 hours with the cherry note lingering for the whole lifetime. This dupe for Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry is perfect for those who want to experience the same cherry scent without spending a lot of money.

Ramon Monegal Cherry Musk Eau de Parfum

For those seeking a sultry and sweet fragrance, Ramon Monegal Cherry Musk Eau de Parfum is a great dupe for Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum. This fragrance is composed of cherry liqueur, bitter almond and sandalwood notes for a balanced sweetness. Its scent has been said to be similar to Tom Ford’s lost cherry eau de parfum, with some people comparing it to the smell of “sex and candy”. Another dupe for lost cherry eau de parfum is Carolina Herrera’s Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum, which is composed of redcurrant, rose and vanilla notes for a sweet and sultry perfume that’s sure to make heads turn.

Pacifica Beauty Cherry Moon Spray Perfume

Pacifica Beauty Cherry Moon Spray Perfume is a great dupe for Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry fragrance. It has a sweet cherry scent that is not overpowering and does not contain warm notes like almond or vanilla, making the cherry scent the main focus. The perfume has a fresher and floral scent compared to Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry. While it does smell great, the scent does not last for long when applied. Another dupe for Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry is Moriah by Nuancielo, which has a similar tart cherry scent but with a blood red emblem on the packaging for an added touch of glamour.

Zara Cherry Smoothie

Zara’s Cherry Smoothie fragrance has been called a Tom Ford lost cherry dupe by many for good reason. Both fragrances have similar ingredients such as sour cherry, plum, almond, tonka bean, and vanilla that create a sweet and sultry fragrance. The sour cherry note in Zara’s fragrance is more prominent but is balanced out by plum and almond notes, creating a sweeter fragrance. Meanwhile, the black vanilla in the Fragrânza Amarena Cherry fragrance adds a hint of sweetness to the fragrance. Both fragrances are intoxicating and are perfect for warmer weather. However, Zara’s version is cheaper and offers the same fragrance experience as Tom Ford’s lost cherry dupe. Overall, both fragrances are great for summertime and should be on your radar if you’re looking for a fruity fragrance for the season.

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum

Anyone who is a fan of Tom Ford’s cherry-scented perfume, ‘Lost Cherry’ is sure to fall for Carolina Herrera’s perfume, ‘Very Good Girl’ . This perfume has redcurrant as its key note for a fruity and tart fragrance. Owing to its unique and mischievous vibe, it is a great night fragrance for women. The perfume has a unique cherry note for a distinct sweetness. It has a long shelf life and is safe for use. With this price tag, it is a good dupe for ‘Lost Cherry’. Its uniqueness and cherry note makes it a must-try for cherry lovers. Overall, ‘Very Good Girl’ by Carolina Herrera is a wonderful cherry fragrance with many reasons to love it.

Montagne Parfums Parfum de Cerise

Montagne Parfum Parfun de Cerise is a cherry-scented perfume for both men and women. It’s a popular dupe for Tom Ford’s lost cherry eau de parfum, which is a popular niche perfume for women. Montagne parfum parfum de cerise comes in slim bottles with black lids and a black cap. The fragrance has notes of cherries, black currants, vanilla, sandalwood, jasmine, amber, and musk.

Fragrenza’s amarena cherry perfume is a unisex oriental perfume that contains amarena cherries as its key note. Many customers say they prefer fragrenza’s perfume over lost cherry because it has a stronger cherry scent and a sweeter note. Both fragrenza’s perfume and lost cherry eau de parfum have fruity notes from cherries and vanilla, respectively. However, lost cherry eau de parfum is thicker than Fragrenza’s perfume, making it more luxurious to wear for many consumers.

Tips to Find a Quality Dupe

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Fragrance is a popular and expensive fragrance, making it a great target for counterfeiters to copy. If you’re thinking of purchasing a dupe for this fragrance, you’ll want to be prepared with tips for finding a quality dupe.

  • Start by checking the scent notes for a dupe’s ingredients. A good dupe will note the same fragrances used in the original product as well as any notes that were added.
  • Also look for a dupe’s price tag. A good dupe should cost roughly half the price of its original counterpart, but you should never automatically assume a cheaper fragrance is of lower quality.
  • Finally, read reviews from other customers and consider trying out a few different dupes before settling on one. This will help ensure you get a fragrance that truly captures the essence of the original product.

Pros and Cons of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry is a unisex fragrance that promises to tantalise the senses with a blend of tart cherries, rose, and woody notes. The fragrance is composed of a rich cherry liqueur, almond, Turkish rose and jasmine sambac. These ingredients create a delicate and sensual scent that is reminiscent of cherry pie on a warm summer day.

There are several dupes for those who don’t want to pay for the original fragrance. Velvety texture, long-lasting wear, and a range of colours make Tom Ford’s fragrance an excellent choice for anyone who wants a unique fragrance experience. However, the price tag may prove to be too expensive for some users. So, you must choose wisely before investing in this fragrance.


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