What Is The Difference Between Perfume And Eau De Toilette: Perfume vs Toilette

What Is The Difference Between Perfume And Eau De Toilette: Perfume vs Toilette

What Is The Difference Between Perfume And Eau De Toilette: Perfume vs Toilette

How many times have you looked at your perfume collection and wondered what the actual differences between eau de parfum and eau de toilette actually are? You wouldn’t be the first. If you are not a perfumer, it can be easy to just put aside the idea and not take much notice, however by doing this you could really be neglecting the potential of the performance of your perfume in doing so.

Below we have summarised the performance differences between eau de toilette and eau de parfum, alongside the difference in smell quality, price differentiations, fragrance concentration and shelf life. 

All these differences often really showcase differences between perfumes, even when you have the same fragrance, lower fragrance concentration will have a lighter fragrance that perfume houses that utilise pure perfume scents with high fragrance oil.


Eau De Parfum vs Eau De Parfum- The Complete Low-Down

In simplistic terms, an eau de parfum fragrance regardless of whether it is the same scent as the eau de toilette, will always have a stronger performance and density than its fragrance sister fragrance type. Niche perfumes by perfume houses will always have multiple concentrated versions of their scent, so that people can select which oil concentration they would like to use frequently. 

The most common fragrance concentrations come in the two variations that you most likely will know: Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum. However, there are more stronger fragrances which are less in circulation such as extrait de parfum and eau de cologne. 

Nevertheless, these higher concentration variations from perfumeries only get recreated for certain new scent options with unique essential oils. 

French perfumery often utilises these rarer concentrated versions for the lasting power, within men’s fragrances. More concentrated version options generally last a lot longer than the typical two to three hours that some eau de toilettes do.


Do Eau De Parfums Smell The Same as Eau De Toilettes?

When comparing the two fragrance types- eau de toilette and eau de parfum, you can only really compare performance, when both scents are made with the same notes. For example, if a fragrance happens to have the same spritz base of lavender, the eau de parfum would always have a higher concentration with more depth. 

When moving towards lower concentration scents, these will always remain lighter on the skin, with subtle touches from the base notes and their interactions on the skin. Lighter concentrations will always interact on the skin, however it will breathe differently, and that’s why the fragrance as a whole would last or be detectable for less time than an EDP.

A good example for the difference between EDP and EDT perfumes, is the famous Diptyque fragrances perfume line. 

For the Eau de Parfum fragrances, they offer different dimensions to their top notes and base notes. The orange blossom and jasmine are far more heightened and detectable than the Eau de Toilette sister fragrance.

The bottom line here is: regardless of whether the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum scents are the same, they will always remain as related but not identical twins. Their unique qualities will set them apart. 


Which Perfume Expires Quicker?

The answer to this question may be a surprising one, but in terms of chemical stability, Eau de toilette fragrances are always the ones to be more stable due to their higher concentrations of alcohol within them. This preserves the existing oil content within the fragrances, making the shelf life a bigger one from the moment you open the seal of a fragrance. 

An Eau de Parfum will of course come with different concentrations in terms of the notes selections and their oil consistency. However with the lower alcohol present within the scents, it’s often encouraged that people store their eau de parfums correctly and away from sunlight, which happens to chemically erode the halflife of the fragrance at a much quicker rate.


Is an Eau De Toilette Perfume Extract Always Cheaper Than Eau De Parfum?

Yes, that is often the case as a general rule. The reason for this is that the concentrations of the fragrance oils within eau de toilettes are at lower amounts, meaning you are paying for a higher concentration of alcohol than the active ingredients. 

Even lower fragrance concentration lines sometimes will charge a lot more for their eau de toilettes, due to the brand attached, but for that reason, you will see the eau de parfums at an even higher price for that reason. 


Do Eau De Parfum Fragrances Last Longer Than Eau De Toilette Scents?

Yes! This is probably a very obvious point by now, but due to the fragrance concentration of eau de parfum being at a larger fraction, you will find that when you place these on the major pulse points, these will breathe and interact better with the natural chemistry of the human skin. 

It is important to keep in mind for this rule however, that the notes used in the eau de parfum fragrances will also dictate the length of time that they will perform and project themselves. Different fragrance formulations i.e. fruity, florals, aromatic spices etc., will react differently to each person. So if you are really wanting to see how a fragrance will perform on you, a way to do that is to actually try samples before committing to a whole bottle of perfume right away. 


How to Pick Between an Eau De Toilette and an Eau de Parfum?

When picking between an eau de parfum and an eau de toilette, you will first need to address the reason why you wish to purchase the fragrance. If, for example, you happen to have sensitive skin, it would make more sense to opt for an eau de toilette, due to it having a lower concentration of active ingredients.

If however, you have a special occasion that requires a large performance, and to ensure that it smells good on both hot summer days, as well as cooler weather, eau de parfum fragrances my be a better option, due to their higher resistance and lasting power against the environment once sprayed on the skin and fabrics. 


How Do You Wear An Eau De Parfum and an Eau De Toilette?

To wear an eau de parfum efficiently, it is always advised that you spray the fragrance on the major pulse points of the body- the neck, behind the ears, the wrists, elbows and even your heart. These locations ensure that the fragrance will be emitted easily from the major locations of blood. 

This warms the skin up and makes the perfume activated and easily detectable. The heart being the biggest pulse point of all, will most definitely project the fragrance the best, however it is often the least known within the perfume industry. 

The same procedures would apply to eau de toilettes, however being that their activation and performance is less than other fragrances from the eau de parfum, you would have to ensure to reapply throughout the day. 


Are Eau De Cologne Scents Better Altogether? 

Eau de cologne scents are obviously very popular within mainstream men’s fragrances- that is often thought. However, in reality it is often neglected that eau de colognes are actually unisex and do not categorise themselves as male or female fragrances. 

Nevertheless, due to their strength and larger concentrations of oil within the scents, they do last a lot longer than their counterparts and alternative fragrances. It will just come down to you deciding whether the strength and the depth of the colognes work with the vibe you are going for. 


What Is A Extrait De Parfum?

An Extrait de Parfum is the highest concentration of perfume oils within a fragrance. Such perfumes come with a steep price, however their longevity and sustainability on the skin and fabric provide a very impressive sillage that makes selecting them all the more worth it. A great example of this type of perfume is Baccarat Rouge 540

This kind of fragrance tends to be the least purchased, not because of the lack of popularity, but the price overall tends to be too beyond regular budgets for people looking to buy a scent for themselves. 


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