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We will be covering everything from Recommendations, Perfume Dupes, What celebrities wear and guides such as how to make your perfume last longer.


Perfume Guides

Fancy learning how to make your perfume last longer? Or how to make them at home. Well make sure you check out all of our guides, we can ensure you’ll learn something new.

Our Recommendations

Here you’ll find all of our recent recommendations, whether you’re interested in a particular brand or you like a certain note in your perfumes you’ll be able to find them listed here.

What Celebrities Wear

Ever wanted to smell like your favourite celebrity? Well now you can. We’ve taken a look at some of the worlds most popular celebrities and listed each fragrance that they wear.

Creed aventus Review

Creed Aventus Review

Baccarat Rouge 540 Review

Dont worry, we understand that some of the perfumes that we review on site can’t have some pretty hefty price tags. Thats why we’ve dedicated a whole page to Perfume Dupes & Clones so you can still get a very similar fragrances for a fraction of the price.