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Byredo Gypsy Water Perfume Review

Byredo Gypsy Water Review

Byredo Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that has a funky name – but a stalwart fan base. With a creative scent profile. But is this fragrance right for you? Let’s take a closer look in this in-depth Gypsy Water review.

Brand History

Byredo is a Swedish fragrance brand that was founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham. Ben has a background in fine arts and was inspired to create his own line of fragrances after becoming frustrated with the lack of unique scents on the market. He began experimenting with different fragrance blends and launched his very first collection of perfumes in 2008.

Byredo quickly gained a reputation for creating innovative fragrances that were unlike anything else on the market. The brand’s unique scents are often inspired by memories and experiences from Ben’s own life, such as his childhood growing up in Sweden and his travels around the world.

Perfume History

Gypsy Water is a popular fragrance from Byredo that was launched in 2008. The scent was created by perfumer Jerome Epinette and was inspired by Ben Gorham’s memories of his grandmother’s home in India. The fragrance features a blend of warm, woody, and citrusy notes that create a sense of adventure and exoticism.

The name itself reflects the scent’s wanderlust-inducing qualities and its free-spirited nature. The fragrance has become a fan favourite, particularly among those who are drawn to the brand’s unique and unconventional approach to perfumery. Even today, Gypsy Water remains one of the most popular fragrances from Byredo and has become a cult classic in the world of niche perfumery.

Perfume Story

With Byredo wanting to try and encapsulate different situations in each of their scents, the creative brief for Gypsy Water was to represent the glorious culture of Romani Gypsies and their distinguished ways of living.

The various ingredients and materials invoke a dream of the nomad lifestyle of these people, with the pine needle notes invoking long, hazy nights in a lone forest.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The bottle of Byredo Gypsy water is incredible. It’s a distinctive cylinder shape, with the trademark type on the label and the famous black bottle cap. The bottle is nice and weighty, helping you really feel the quality of the fragrance. The sprayer is great as well, with a nice even misting every time you spray.

Our Thoughts

Gypsy Water is a remarkable scent. It’s one of those fragrances that takes you places and feels like a stored memory. It doesn’t hurt that it smells absolutely brilliant as well, with the juniper coming off bright and sharp in the opening, and the smooth sweet drydown being delicious.

For me personally, this isn’t an everyday fragrance. It’s best suited for when you want a more chilled-out feel. It’s a great morning start fragrance that can brighten you up a little. It’s an absolutely superb sandalwood fragrance that isn’t heavy, as you can find with more masculine takes on sandalwood such as Santal by Geo F. Trumper.

It’s definitely a ‘try before you buy’ fragrance though, as some people won’t get the magic of reminiscing with the fragrance and won’t get what all the fuss is about. It also leans quite feminine, so if you’re a man who wants to give it a shot, you should also try it first.

How many sprays are required?

If you’re giving this a wear as a signature fragrance, you can go for between 3-5 sprays. This should cover you for a good few hours, with the far drydown lasting until the end of the day. It isn’t a super strong fragrance – Gypsy Water sits nicely around you – so with this amount of sprays you should be ok.

Gypsy Water definitely excels in the heat and you can get away with fewer sprays – around 2-4. It pushes off of skin quite well so you don’t need to go as hard.

Winter is the opposite. You’ll probably need to go up to around 6 sprays as the citrus notes become more subdued.


Top Notes

Juniper berries




The opening is very bright, with a blast of citrus right up at the top. The juicy lemon and bitter bergamot work perfectly together, with the juniper berries almost smelling like a fresh gin and tonic. The pepper isn’t that prominent and just gives a small spicy hit to even out the fresh citrus burst.

Heart Notes

Pine needles


Orris Root

The opening of Gypsy Water eau de parfum disappears very quickly – you’re talking minutes at most. The citruses start to disappear and you’re immediately thrown the pine needle note. This is very prominent and gives a real forest feeling, where you’re walking through a pine forest on a fresh summer morning.

The incense is nice and smoky, adding a bit of attitude and making sure you don’t smell like you’ve just been on a hike. It’s a great touch and adds some of the much-needed darkness in the mid. The orris root is a powdery, earthy texture that gives Gypsy Water some depth.

Base Notes




The drydown of Gypsy Water is where all the good stuff is – at least for me. You’ve got a wonderful sweet base, thanks to the rich vanilla and amber. The amber isn’t dirty, just a nice earthy sweetness that surrounds you and compliments the vanilla.

Whilst the vanilla is the real star, the sandalwood is a very well-crafted woody base that sits just on top of the vanilla. Byredo has somehow managed to keep this nice and light, creating an airy woody profile that works wonderfully.


Let’s chat a bit about the performance of Gypsy Water:


The sillage is completely moderate. You’re not going to knock anyone out when you walk past them, but they’ll definitely get a nice blast of sweet foresty goodness. Gypsy water is made with quite strong perfume oil, so it does have a sillage. Overall, expect a good arm’s length worth of sillage when Gypsy Water is at its peak.


Longevity is a mixed bag. Depending on the weather and how it works with your skin, you could either get a solid 10 hours of fragrance or a scent that disappears after 3 hours. It’s well worth testing this with your skin chemistry to see how it reacts before splashing out for a bottle – it isn’t cheap!

Weather-wise, it’s going to be its strongest in the summer and as a spring scent. But it won’t last in the heat – it lasts longer in the cold, so wear it during the winter months to make it last a bit longer.


Projection is moderate to soft with Gypsy Water. You won’t be offending anyone but you will be coated in the lovely smell of pine needles, deep forests and a bit of fresh soil mixed with vanilla. The projection is around a foot, so it stays quite intimate.

Target Market

This is a unisex perfume, although to me it leans slightly feminine. It’s soft and sweet, but there are facets of the perfume that help enhance the masculine smell such as the woods and orris.

Age-wise, I’d say this is suited for someone a bit more mature, so 30+. This obviously isn’t set in stone though, so the best thing to do is to try it out for yourself and see how it suits you.

When to Wear

This could easily be pulled off as a signature scent by the right person, but thanks to its cost many people will reserve it for special occasions. This is extremely good to wear for summer and spring special events as it’s different enough to capture attention and it will have pretty good projection.

It can work for other things as well. It’s extremely office friendly and could even be worn in casual encounters, just make sure you temper your sprays for the situation. It can be quite a seductive vanilla on some people, which makes it perfect for date night.


Like most Byredo perfumes, this is unique and can be a head-turner. Being reminiscent of the Romany lifestyle, it’s quite earthy whilst carrying sweeter undertones, which is not a combination that people smell quite often. It will garner attention – in a good way – if people catch a whiff and could easily be a stand-out frag in someone’s collection.

Value For Money

Here is the big divider – the price. It’s not cheap and is almost never discounted from legitimate stores. You’re going to be paying top dollar for a full bottle, so you definitely need to sample and have a smell of it on yourself before buying. But you’re paying for the unique scent profile and quality here, so if it suits you it can be well worth the money.

Pros & Cons


  • Unique and nice scent profile
  • You’ll smell different to everyone else
  • Top quality blending
  • Can be pulled off by both men and women
  • Wonderful presentation


  • High price
  • Performance can be lacking
  • skin chemistry dependent

Similar Perfumes

Commodity Gold

Often seen as a cheaper counterpart to Gypsy Water, Gold by commodity has many of the same notes. You’ll get pretty much the same smell but you’ll be missing out on the quality. There’s a nice musk added to the background here which makes it a tad more masculine. If you’re balling on a budget, give this a try.

Loewe 001 Man

A much more masculine version of the Byredo fragrance, 001 Man strips away all the sweetness and adds in woods and cardamom. This is more geared towards daytime wear as it’s a bit brash for evening wear and events.

Our Verdict

If you’re after a unique fragrance that’s unique and has a touch of seduction, then this could be your special fragrance. Be sure to get a sample first though, as the performance can vary wildly between people.

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Scent
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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