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Creed Aventus Perfume Review

Creed Aventus Perfume Review

To sum up Creed Aventus in one word: King. Ever since its launch there has probably been no more hyped-up fragrance than this and it’s garnered a heavy reputation not just in the fragrance community, but with people in the mainstream. 13 years after its release, how does Aventus hold up – is Creed still top when it comes to men’s fragrance?

That’s what we’re here to discuss today in this Creed Aventus review: How this seminal fragrance holds up and if it still deserves its highly held title. We’re going to go over everything you need to know before you try Creed Aventus – from the story of the brand and perfume to the notes and how the most recent batch holds up.

Brand History

Creed is one of the most prestigious brands in the fragrance industry. The house has a long and vibrant backstory, being created by James Henry Creed in 1760. The house has received a royal warrant and creates perfumes and custom blends for royalty and celebrities alike.

Up until recently, Creed was a dynastic perfume house, meaning the operations of the brand were passed down from father to son. The most recent head, Olivier Creed, is the 8th generation to run the company. The company has since been sold and is now owned by an investment firm.

Whilst Creed firmly has its roots in England, in 1854 the headquarters of Creed was moved to Paris, by request of the empress of France herself. Other high-profile clients who wanted to get their hands on Creeds formulations include Queen Victoria, Czar Nicholas III, the Queen of Spain and Winston Churchill.

Most of Creed’s most popular fragrances were released in the late 20th century and 21st century: Green Irish Tweed, Virgin Island Water, Viking and Aventus were all quite late releases for the brand, each one being a huge success.

Perfume History

Creed Avetus was released as a seminal release back in 2010. Composed by the then head of the company and master perfumer Erwin Creed, who had the vision to create a fragrance that was timeless and represented the success, vision and strength of not just modern man but also conquerors and visionaries of the past.

Erwin ushered in another master perfumer – Jean-Christophe Hérault – and the two got to work. Using some of the rarest and highest quality ingredients around, they composed the first formulation of Creed Aventus and the rest, as they say, is history.

The fragrance went on to single-handedly push the Creed fragrances into mainstream glory, becoming one of the biggest fragrance successes of modern times. Aventus has gone on to be one of the most hyped, talked about and highly regarded scents ever. Interestingly, it also holds the most amount of reviews for any fragrance listed on fragrantica.

Perfume Story

When coming up with the concept of Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum, Erwin wanted to take inspiration from one of the most charismatic and visionary men to exist – Napoleon Bonaparte. He’s the little fella who’s riding the horse on the bottle.

Whilst the inspiration for the fragrance was strength and vision, Erwin also looked into the Napoleon. His life was full of everything he wanted to fragrance to encapsulate – romance, war & peace, conquest and drama.

Erwin also wanted Aventus to be totally unique to the fragrances at the time. During the 2010s, there was a huge uptick in very sweet scents dominating the market. Aventus was to be the antithesis to these – not overly sweet and cloying, but strong, bold and provocative.

Using quality ingredients, the Aventus set out to tell a story of a strong-willed man who knows the world is at his feet, combining the harsher facets of musk, oak moss and ambergris to signify conquest of land and sea. The softer rose, jasmine and blackcurrant juxtapose this to represent sensuality and romance.

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  • Aventus 5

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

As with all Creed fragrances, the presentation just oozes class and luxury. The flacon is heavy glass and comes in a shape that’s typical with Creed fragrances. The black strip on the front has a plate that displays Aventus, next to a small picture of the man the fragrance is inspired by – Napoleon on a horse.

In the box, you also get the iconic card, which displays 2 generations of the Creed heritage – James henry Creed and Erwin Creed. This is a nice, luxurious touch and shows you that the fragrance isn’t your run-of-the-mill department store shower gel-smelling cheapie.

The lid is adorned with the Creed logo and is jet black, contrasting nicely with the bottle itself. Sprayer-wise, it’s exactly as you’d expect: A decent sprayer that gives you nice coverage and doesn’t just shoot out a stream of liquid. Overall, the presentation of Creed Aventus is top-notch.

Our Thoughts

Creed Aventus is an absolute masterpiece fragrance. It’s a scent you HAVE to smell at some time in your life – not from a fake Creed Aventus bottle, clone or dupe or even something that smells similar – but the actual thing. Whilst the fragrance has recently gotten some flack in its reformulated form, it still holds up.

The first time I personally ever smelled Aventus was on a friend. I got in his car and was literally mesmerised. I remember asking what the smell was and he told me, then went on to tell me about how expensive it was. But I could tell it was worth every penny.

How many sprays are required?

Now let’s get into how many sprays you should use when spritzing Creed Aventus for certain situations.

If you’ve done any research on Aventus, then you probably know the fragrance has gone through many, many formulations since 2010. Due to changes in ownership and IFRA laws, some of the original ingredients and concentrations have had to be changed. This has affected the longevity of the fragrance and it doesn’t quite perform as well as it used to.

How does this affect how much you should spray? Well, to be totally frank, it means you have to spray more. For casual wear and wearing as a signature scent, you’ll need between 3-5 spritzes to make sure you smell good. Date nights are around the same – you’ll want to make sure you get some Aventus on your clothes as well to make the smell last longer.

With office wear, you may want to go a bit easier on the spritzes, so 2-3. You’ll still have a nice bubble that people will smell when they get close to you but you won’t be offending anyone with an obnoxious scent cloud.

Aventus absolutely shines in the heat. Hot summer days require fewer squirts, so 2-4 should be enough. Winter is another story. Me and many others simply can’t pull this off during winter – it just seems to disappear. You may be better off sticking to a slightly sweet and dense fragrance during those cold days.

One thing to note is that it’s extremely easy to go nose blind to Creed Aventus. You think it’s not there, but it actually is. So have faith when you spray – you may not be able to smell it but it’s most likely still there, you’ve just gone nose blind!


Let’s get into the whole reason Creed Aventus smells so good – the note breakdown.

Top Notes


Italian Bergamot



Nothing – no clone, dupe or similar smelling scent – comes close to the fruity opening of Creed Aventus. There’s just a certain magic, a certain charm that it has that can’t be replicated.

You get the fruity & juicy black currant note, which is accompanied by an equally as juicy pineapple note that adds a little sparkle. The opening is made even more juicy by a hint of apple – French apples specifically – and finally a bright, citrus-like bergamot. This black currant, bergamot and pineapple combo are now iconic and one of the things that makes it a great fragrance that stands out.

Whilst the opening literally only lasts a few minutes, it’s absolutely stunning. It shows the care that has gone into the composition by Erwin Creed and I guarantee that if you spritz Creed Aventus on your hand, you’ll go back for another sniff of this wonderous opening.

Heart Notes



Moroccan jasmine


The incredible opening transitions into quite an interesting heart. After a few minutes of spraying Creed Aventus, the juicy facets start to temper down and the cleaner mid pokes its head through. Clean jasmine is supported by a vibrant rose, giving off a well-put-together and sophisticated note. The woody & dry birch note is the backbone and is supported by the patchouli, they help emphasise the clean facets.

The birch note and patchouli note in Creed Aventus isn’t like the dirty and earth wood you can find in other scents. They’re very high quality and complement the other facets of the mid extremely well. It’s seamlessly blended and to be honest, very hard to point out and smell each note individually, especially the patchouli.

Base Notes


Oak moss



The base of creed Aventus is another touch of magic and a great scent on its own. Once the cleaner notes have started to fade, this sweet, musk-heavy base is clearly apparent and with you for the rest of the ride.

The musk and oak moss help keep the fragrance grounded, with the musk adding a slightly dirty tinge. The real stars of the drydown though are the salty ambergris and smooth vanilla that give this that trademark Creed Aventus smell in the drydown.

The drydown is unmistakable and once you smell it you really won’t be able to get it out of your head. There’s a wonderful sweetness to it thanks to the Vanilla, whilst the real ambergris and musk add a rawness as well that is just to die for.


Creed Aventus is probably one of the most talked about fragrances when it comes to the topic of performance in fragrances. When it was first released it was a monster, echoing out it’s incredible musky drydown wherever you went. Thanks to a few different reformulations, the performance has been tempered down quite a lot. let’s take a closer look at recent batches:


The sillage of recent Aventus batches is unfortunately moderate. It leaves a bit of a trail behind you, but nothing too prominent. If the wind catches you just right, you will get a wonderful musky vanilla scent, but if you’re indoors and walking around, it isn’t too noticeable.


Longevity is another thing that’s taken a hit for Creed Aventus. In the old Aventus batches, a few sprays would last all day and partway through the night. In the newer formulations, on average you’ll get 6ish hours, maybe a bit longer if you spray on clothes. This is a shame, as the original Aventus really did pull no punches in the longevity department.


Finally, we have the projection. This is yet another thing that’s taken a hit, with Original Aventus batches projected a good few metres around you for most of the fragrances life. Nowadays, you get 2-3 hours of solid projection, with the remaining few hours being a skin scent (Although it’s a pretty incredible skin scent, to be honest.)

Target Market

The target market is without a doubt male, as the musk and dry birch really brings out the masculine elements. Age-wise, it’s more suited towards a slightly maturer wearer, so 25 and up. A younger person could pull it off, but it could be a bit trickier since there’s a lack of playful sweeter facets.

When to Wear

Wearing Aventus is best reserved for special occasions. It’s almost a status symbol – it isn’t cheap and the quality of the smell makes it one of the best fragrances to convey you’ve got a bit of money to splash.

It can be pulled off for office wear and as a signature scent, although you may want to save it thanks to the high price. Dates are a great occasion to grab Creed Aventus – it’s well known for compliments from women and can convey that you’re a well-put-together gent.

The only season to really avoid Aventus is winter, as the cold weather can affect the projection. More vanillic scents tend to singe in the colder, darker months and due to the fact most of the composition of Aventus is bright and woody with a musky edge, it may be worth shelving it during winter.


When Creed Aventus first hit shelves, it was undoubtedly one of a kind. You could swear it and know that very, very few men out there have a scent with a similar smell. In the modern day though, 13 years after release, it’s one of the most ripped-off smells around.

There are heaps of clones and dupes that try to get the Aventus vibe, so wearing it could be risky if you want to smell unique. One thing these copies don’t have though is the Creed magic, especially the opening and drydown. So anyone who knows anything about scents will know that you’re wearing the real thing.

Value For Money

The price of Creed has slowly risen up over the years, to the point where it’s now quite a hefty purchase. If you want to smell absolutely sublime and have some cash to spare, it’s worth grabbing a bottle if you can find a good deal. The fact that the reformulation has given the performance of Creed Aventus a hit is an absolute tragedy and without a doubt affects the value for money. But in the end, you’re paying for the quality of Aventus, so if you’re a stickler for the quality of any scent you wear then it’s well worth shelling out for.

Pros & Cons


  • Incredible scent
  • Superior quality
  • Creed magic that can’t be duplicated
  • Still has ok performance
  • The bottle and presentation are sublime


  • the high cost
  • Reformulations mean the performance has taken a hit
  • Not as unique as it used to be

Similar Perfumes

There are quite a few other scents that have a similar vibe to Creed Aventus – Here are some of the better ones:

Mont Blanc Explorer

Mont Blanc took the DNA of Creed Aventus and took it in a different direction. The opening is nowhere near as juicy as Creed Aventus, but the addition of Ambroxan makes this a bit sharper and muskier.

Clube de Nuit Intense Man

Probably the most well-known Creed Aventus inspiration, many people view this as a much cheaper substitute. It’s absolutely nuclear in performance and gets the overall vibe of Aventus right, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired. The first smell here is awful compared to Creed Aventus, but if you let it settle it’s an ok substitute.

Our Verdict

Creed Aventus is known as the king for a reason – it’s an incredible scent. It’s a timeless DNA and you get what you pay for in terms of quality. the only downfall is the fact that it’s not as unique as it used to be and the reformulations.

05 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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