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Creed Viking Review

Creed Viking Review

Creed Viking is a recent release from the house that has caused a bit of a ruckus. With such a strong name, it immediately invokes images of fearless spirits, warriors, and a fierce scent. Does Creed Viking live up to this reputation? Let’s find out with our in-depth review.

Brand & Perfume History

Creed has a long-standing reputation in the fragrance world, with Creed fragrances being worn by nobility and royals for a long time. The company has been passed down from father to son for generations, with the lineage starting with James Creed in 1760 and passing all the way down to Olivier Creed.

Known for some of the most iconic fragrances in recent history – such as the highly regarded Creed Aventus. It was the success of Aventus that spurned the release of another hard-hitting men’s fragrance in 2017 – Creed Viking.

Creed Viking was a huge success and paved the way for its only flanker – Creed Viking Cologne.

Perfume Story

Taking inspiration from Vikings, Creed Viking had a rather unusual creative brief – to encapsulate the ‘modern Viking.’ Olivier Creed himself oversaw the creation of the fragrance, wanting to create a signature scent for the man who goes against the grain, who longs for a voyage, and has an unbridled determination. The result was quite a striking scent that is a spicy mint fougere with some complicated notes.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The shape of the Creed Viking bottle is the same as many other men’s Creed perfumes & fragrances. With a bigger bottom half that goes up into a peak and a flared cap, it’s made of incredible quality. The front is a bright red with Viking emblazoned on the metal plate at the front, along with the image of a Viking longboat.

The sprayer of Creed Viking is equally as good. All in all, yet another excellent package from Creed.

Our Thoughts

Creed Viking is an extremely bold and masculine scent. It can be a head-turner if worn in the right situation, but I think many people find it a bit too fierce compared to the many blue fragrances that a sported today. If you need a boost of confidence for a work meeting or for a nice daytime date, this could be a great reach.

How many sprays are required?

Like many fragrances from the Creed house, Viking Eau de Parfum, unfortunately, has a batch problem. Many of the newer batches have been reformulated due to law changes and Creed being sold, so don’t last as long as some of the older batches.

For day-to-day and casual wear, you can go for 3-5 sprays, which should last you most of the day. Hotter days will need probably 3 sprays since the heat really helps Creed Viking perform. It doesn’t do as well in colder weather, so you’ll probably need to go with 5 sprays.

Like any scent, All of this is highly dependent on your skin’s chemistry, so you may get a stronger or weaker performance.


Now we’ll go into the Creed Viking notes for each phase:

Top Notes

Pink Pepper

Spicy Mint

Calabrian Bergamot

Sicilian Lemon



The very first blast of Creed Viking hits you with peppery citrus, which is where it gets the ‘fresh spicy’ feeling from. This is thanks to the use of the striking pink pepper – more like freshly ground pink peppercorn – and mint combo which is very potent! The bergamot and lemon combine together to give a green, citrusy scent that is very bright and punchy with the spiciness.

The shocker note in the opening is the absinthe. To me, it’s a very slightly alcoholic and green smell, just in the back. Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like you spent the night in a dive bar.

Heart Notes


Bulgarian Rose



Orris Root


The mid of Creed Viking adds even more spicy facets, but with a touch of cleanliness. You have a strong French Lavender helping to keep everything hyper-masculine, supported with a fresh rose and jasmine. The lavender helps keep the fresh spicy feel but changes things up a bit from the pink pepper-heavy opening.

The clove, Orris root, and allspice are purely there to add even more spice to Creed Viking. The mid isn’t too spicy though as the florals help to balance out the composition.

Base Notes

Haitian Vetiver


White Musk

Tonka Bean

Indian patchouli


As the base kicks in after a few hours, Creed Viking develops into a sort of woody scent. You have plenty of different woods, all with their own facets – sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar. These are supported by a very clean musk to help balance everything out and some sweeter notes – Patchouli and tonka bean. This patchouli & tonka add a very small amount of dry sweetness.



As we said before, newer batches of Viking don’t perform as well as older formulations. You’ll still get an average sillage with Viking – about a foot or so trailing behind you. Whilst this won’t fill up a room, anyone caught in your wake will be getting whiffs or an extremely masculine scent.

If you want a slightly lighter sillage, you may want to go for Creed Viking Cologne, as that’s a bit lighter-wearing.


Longevity is pretty good. You can tell Creed uses high-quality ingredients in the fragrances since longevity is usually not a problem. On a decent day and in favorable weather (Slightly hot but not blistering), you’re going to be set for the full day – 6-8 hours and then a skin scent.


At the start of the fragrance, the projection for Viking is pretty wild. It’s mega bright, sharp, and peppery, and everyone within 2 meters will be able to smell you. But unfortunately, this quickly winds down into about an arm’s length of projection, which is what you’ll have for most of the duration of Viking.

Target Market

Viking is clearly meant for men. I highly, highly doubt a woman could pull this off – the notes are just far too masculine. The pink pepper, sandalwood, and vetiver are really masculine here. Whilst it is elegant and has a few sweet notes, the spicy citrus facets just dominate it.

This is perfect for men who are a bit older and more professional – 30+ businessmen are probably the perfect people to suit this. Of course, other people may be able to pull it off though.

When to Wear

Viking is slightly hard to pull off in casual situations. It’s not a massive crowd-pleaser and announces that you’re in the vicinity with its dominating notes. This means it’s best saved for special occasions where you want to impress and you can dress a bit more formally – not that it can’t be pulled off in a casual setting by the right type of person.


Viking is very high up on the unique scale – the closest other fragrance you’ll get to it is the Viking cologne. A few sprays of this and you’ll be set to smell unique wherever you go.

Value For Money

Now we come to the part with splits many people – When you buy Creed Viking, are you getting your money’s worth? In my eyes, you definitely are. It’s a very unique and striking fragrance that emanates pure quality with every spray. If you can afford to buy creed Viking and are after an ultra-manly scent, then it could be your new signature scent. But make sure you sample it first – blind buying a full bottle at retail price isn’t cheap, and you don’t want blind buy regret!

Pros & Cons


  • A quality fragrance that’s made from premium materials.
  • Unique spicy aromatic scent.
  • Bold and daring
  • Incredible presentation
  • Good longevity


  • Niche level Pricing
  • Can be hard to pull off
  • Not a crowd pleaser

Similar Perfumes

Here are two fragrances that give you the same vibe:

Creed Viking Cologne

Viking cologne was the flanker to Viking and is a slightly lighter and fresher take. many of the notes are the same, with the fresh citrus opening. But the spices in Viking cologne are much less invasive and more friendly, and there’s a slightly dirty olibanum in the base to add some smoke.

Ralph Lauren Safari

Safari has a very similar vibe to Viking but is about 7x cheaper. Of course, you’re sacrificing quality and performance for this price cut. You’ve got lavender, light spices, fresh citrus like lemon and bergamot, as well as a light woody base. Safari is quite weak though, so you’ll need to keep topping it up.

Our Verdict

Viking does exactly what it set out to do – encapsulate a man who goes against the grain and wants to conquer. It’s a heavy and manly fragrance that would suit a slightly older professional gentleman, although you never know – you may be able to pull it off. Just remember to get a sample or decant before you buy it, as it definitely isn’t for everyone.

05 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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