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Daisy Marc Jacobs Perfume Review

Daisy Marc Jacobs Perfume Review

10 years since the release of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, the eau de toilette is still considered as a great perfume amongst many.

What makes Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume so attractive, is the heart of the fragrance is innocent, feminine, with an edgy vintage kick. Because Marc Jacobs Daisy smells fresh, you could get away with using this perfume all throughout the year, regardless of the season.

For more information on this violet leaf daisy eau de toilette, make sure to continue reading our review, as you will get all the details on the necessary spray application, the notes of the fragrance itself, and of course if we think this perfume is really worth it or not.

Brand & Perfume History

Marc Jacobs launched his credible fashion line in 1984, with two brand messages- a love of fashion and a commitment to creating the quality that he had envisioned for clothes. Through his introduction to the world of fashion, Jacobs heightened his love affair with fashion and really explored the innovative lines between traditional fashion and creativity, which his fashion shows began to really showcase and put out there.

In 2001, Marc by Marc Jacobs was established, an international complete line with the addition of accessories, beauty and fragrance. Marc ensured to make this new line a conscious one, where he could meet the newer generations that are sensitive to fashion, world politics and humanitarianism. Despite the conscious efforts, he always kept his rebellious side throughout, committed to owning his own authentic flair. Through his work, he has excavated relationships with over 75 charities all over the world, using his line to offer more than just fashion, but a message to the world. 

Despite his own fashion line responsibilities, Marc actually also took the role of fashion director for Louis Vuttion from 1997-2013 as well.

2001 was the first year that fragrances began to become an iconic feature of the fashion label Marc Jacobs. The first fragrance was a female fragrance called, Marc Jacobs for women. The following year, Jacobs saw it was only right to further the perfume fragrance investment by introducing a male mimic of the female fragrance. In 2006, more was created, however, with a gender fluid twist. There was a collection of unisex colognes that were introduced, and these emphasized new and exciting notes combined together, such as Fig and Cucumber. 

The popular scent Marc Jacobs Daisy was then launched, and the campaigns and marketing efforts of this perfume, really put Marc Jcobs perfume on the map. Following on from the launch of one of the most popular sweet scents introduced, Marc Jacobs now has 111 perfumes to his name and counting.  

Perfume Story

Marc Jacobs Daisy is a fresh floral fragrant musk that was developed by the nose Alberto Morillas. It is a sparkling perfume that is perfect for women, with the feminine simplicity that the fragrance has devoted itself too. The entire story that the perfume wishes to devote itself to, is a sophisticated woman, who strives for just simplicity, and her most uncomplicated self for a narrative. This perfume tries to capture the essence of beauty in women, away from the modern day pressures, which is probably why the marketing campaign is very wild, and appealing because it is set in nature.

The perfume comes with charming twists and notes that take you by surprise, such as strawberry, green aroma of violet, silky gardenia, spicy grapefruit, jasmine and a powder combination of white woody aromas, musk, and vanilla. Daisy comes in two sizes with the opportunity to also utilize a shower gel and body lotion, which is great if you want to intensify the fragrance and make it last longer.


Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The most appealing feature of this fragrance is the packaging and presentation. The fragrance eau de toilette comes with florals and violet leaves attached to the daisy topper of the perfume. Utilizing a gold daisy tone throughout the perfumes presentation, the scent is simple and stays true to the perfume story advocated. Despite the appearance being minimalist, the perfume bottle still appears to be very beautiful and unique, which is why so many have come to appreciate it. Almost cartoon-like, the sweet daisies really remind you of summer, alongside all the subtle and overpowering smells that come across your way in this time. It is undoubtedly one of the most artistic presentations for fragrances yet.

Our Thoughts

The perfume is really spectacular and speaks for itself without trying too hard. It is very obvious as to why this perfume has become a cult buy in its own right and never really left the perfume stands of department stores all around the world. It’s delicate, unique and the perfect everyday perfume, that doesn’t have you trying too hard at all.

How Many Sprays Are Required Of The Eau De Toilette?

Despite this being a soft and sweet eau de toilette fragrance, the notes of this perfume are really powerful and will certainly ensure that you get a lot of compliments left, right and center. The Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume will work beautifully if you spray this perfume in the morning before running errands, and then topping up once throughout the day. This will ensure that you will continuously have a fresh daisy scent about you, with a playful and cheerful touch!


Top Notes

The top notes of the perfume are strawberry, blood grapefruit and violet leaf.

Heart Notes

The middle notes of this perfume are violet, jasmine and gardenia.

Base Notes

The longer lasting base notes of Marc Jacobs Daisy are musk, white woods and vanilla.



The sillage of this perfume is moderately strong, with the fresh base notes of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume adding to the scent trail of the fragrance. The perfume’s scent trail will last a while, however, providing that you top up the eau de toilette, you will certainly get stronger sillage from the perfume with a double application throughout the day.


As mentioned before, the perfume does last a very long time considering it is a eau de toilette perfume, however to get the most out of this perfume, a top up around 8 hours after application will allow you to experience the top notes for longer in the perfume-especially if you follow the perfume guide we have written for keeping your fragrances for longer, on your skin.


The base notes and heart notes of the fragrance are projected the most in the perfume, however the top notes last for around 30 minutes and project in a fluttering floral sense, making it a very flirty flower light smell to invigorate the sense. It’s like sunshine, in every spray!

Target Market

The perfume is targeted for a large age range, meaning anyone can really get away with trying this fragrance for themselves. Many surveys online have stated the preference for this fragrance starts from as young as 18, all the way up to 45 years and adobe, so it’s certainly a perfume that adapts to each individual purchase.

When to Wear

The light and airy fragrance is suitable for all day wear, and every season. However, being that it’s a lovely flowers-based perfume, it may be preferred as a spring fragrance,m or even one for summer.


Being that the floral perfume has many similar notes to the floral light fragrances on the market, many have found the perfume to be similar to Chanel’s floral fragrances. There is a considerable price difference of course, between the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and Chanel, so you could still get a similar perfume dupe for less.

Value For Money

At major department stores like Sephora, the perfume can be bought for around $40 for the regular 30 ml bottle, making it a very affordable scent to have for the long term.



  • A very delicate fragrance that suits any woman looking for a non-fussy perfume to use as their signature scent.
  • The base notes linger on the skin like a subtle secret, making it a very pleasant perfume to wear everyday.
  • It is suitable for all age groups.
  • Is not a nauseating perfume to wear, and doesn’t overpower the senses.


  • Can be too ‘quiet’ for a fragrance, where some women prefer louder and more stronger scents to wear daily.
  • You will require at least one touch up throughout the day, to pick up the scent, especially if you spray it early in the morning and want to go out in the evening.

Similar Perfumes

Our Verdict

With winter very much almost over, and spring almost being underway, this fragrance would be perfect for anyone looking for a simple spring perfume to carry them through the season. The light combination of the notes, with stronger undertones of musk and vanilla, make it a very appealing and delicious scent overall. There is something for everyone with this perfume, and the price for wear makes it an exceptionally great low-maintenance perfume to stick to for long term. 



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