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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme review

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue For Him Review

A summertime legend, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for him (Or Light Blue Pour Homme) has been a staple for many men to wear in the high heat and whilst on holiday. Light Blue pour Homme came into the fragrance scene screaming and won various awards – but could it be a good choice for you? That’s what we’re here to take a look at in this review.

Brand History

Dolce and Gabbana is a fashion house that was created in 1985, with the brand taking the surname of its two founders – Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce. The brand quickly garnered a huge following, especially with celebrities, and it may come as no surprise that they quickly moved into fragrances as well.

The first fragrance launched by Dolce & Gabbana was a women’s fragrance – Dolce&Gabbana for Women. A men’s version quickly followed and the brand has since gone on to release numerous fragrances, including the famous Anthology series of fragrances.

Perfume History

Light Blue Pour Homme was released in 2007 and instantly became a summertime hit. It also managed to win the Men’s Fragrance Of the year Award in 2008, delegated by FiFi. The success of Light Blue Pour Homme saw the release of several flankers, including an intense version, Light Blue Forever, Light Blue Italian Zest, and Light Blue Swimming in Lipari.

Perfume Story

Wanting to bottle up the quintessential zest for life in the summertime, Dolce and Gabbana set about bringing in the most decorated master perfumer of all time, Alberto Morillas. Bottling up the feeling of summer and the Mediterranean sea, Morillas set to work making a scent that not only smells great but also has a strong masculine vibe.

The result is a pretty genius use of citrus and fresh notes such as grapefruit, rosemary, and bergamot, as well as more masculine facets like incense, muskiness, and pepper.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The presentation for D&G Light Blue Pour Homme is very simple and elegant. It’s a bell shape flacon, the same as their other pour homme fragrances in the line, with a metallic blue lid. The glass is frosted and the name is displayed right on the front. As usual, the sprayer is really good, with a decent mist that isn’t too cloudy.

Our Thoughts

In high heat, such as when you’re on holiday, Light Blue Pour Homme is absolutely incredible. It’s seductive, fresh, light, and musky. Catching whiffs of this on the beach when a breeze goes past really makes you feel like you’re on the Amalfi coast. It’s incredibly easy to see why this is a summertime staple for many people and has been for years.

But if you live somewhere that doesn’t get many hot days, it becomes quite a moderate scent that disappears very fast. I feel like Light Blue Pour Homme is a scent that is best for high-temperature situations, such as a long hot summer, or for holidays. It doesn’t really live up to its reputation in any other setting, unfortunately.

How many sprays are required?

With Light Blue Pour Homme, you’re going to have to over spray. It’s a super light scent and I’d personally class it as more of a cologne that smells amazing but is used to freshen up. On hot days, you’ll have to go for 6-8 sprays and then probably have to top it up after 4-6 hours.

In other situations, it’s not really worth wearing as it’s so light. You can give it a whirl as a signature scent, but again make sure your overspray and this fades pretty quickly when the sun isn’t hitting it. Your mileage may vary though, as any frag is highly dependent on the skin chemistry.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the notes that you’ll find here:

Top Notes



Sicilian Mandarin orange


As you can probably tell from the notes, the opening of Light Blue Pour Homme is a citrus blast. You’ve for the grapefruit, which is more like a frozen grapefruit peel and a bit bitter, along with the bright bergamot and mandarin orange. These work in conjunction with the juniper which adds a bit of fizz.

All of these lead to an extremely fresh citrus aroma up top and it’s an absolute blessing in the heat. This lasts only for a few minutes though (So savor it whilst you can!) and the mid starts to kick in.

Heart Notes



Brazilian Rosewood

Things change up a bit as soon as the opening fades away in Light Blue Pour Homme. The fresh facets are still there but a few new notes start to enter the fray – slightly floral rosemary, the fresh woodiness of the rosewood, and some sharp pepper.

It’s in this stage of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme that the masculine notes really start to pop up and drive the smell more manly.

Base Notes



Oak moss

After about an hour the base of Light Blue kicks in and it’s pretty wonderful. The musky facet is incredibly manly and adds a salty tinge, giving the feeling of skin that’s got sea salt on it. The incense isn’t strong, just adding a dark edge to the smell. Finally, the oak moss ground everything out and gives the base a bit of punch.

Don’t expect this base to be mega-strong though. The musk and oak moss are the main players and there’s still a hint of citrus there to keep things fresh and uplifting.



This is where Light Blue Pour Homme loses a few marks. The light in the name could be in reference to the blue, but I suspect it’s because the fragrance is so light! The sillage does not last long and sits very close to you, only really being noticeable in the heat. You’ll get about a foot of scent on a good day, and it’s basically downhill from there with the fragrance becoming a skin scent very quickly.


The longevity of this fragrance isn’t incredible either. It’s a fragrance that you’re going to have to keep re-applying throughout the day – especially if it’s hot. On average, you can expect around 3-4 hours of longevity before the fragrance vanishes.

Some people may balk at that longevity, but it’s designed to be light, airy, and fresh. It’s very hard to find a citrus-based frag that lasts long as they don’t tend to have any real fixative notes to help them last. The addition of these fixatives would ruin the citrus scent, so in this, they’ve got the musky base to help things stick around a bit longer.


As with the other two factors of performance, the smell with this doesn’t project very far. It’s one of those very light scents that could be treated as a cologne and used to freshen up. You’ll be lucky to get a meter’s worth of smell around you – again, summer heat will help this.

Target Market

The target market for Light Blue is clearly men. The smell is citrus at the beginning and then pepper & musk at the base – a combination that is hard for a woman to pull off. Any age man can pull this off as well. It’s slightly playful thanks to the citrus whilst having a more mature musk, pepper, and rosemary.

When to Wear

Like many cologne scents, Light Blue is only really wearable in the heat, even though it’s an EDT. It is designed for wear in these situations and not much else really. You can’t pull it off in the winter of colder weather and it doesn’t really last or project enough to be a signature fragrance.


When you wear this, don’t be expecting the most unique summer fragrance around. It has some very generic elements, but it does these generic elements in a very good way. It won’t turn heads in terms of uniqueness, but it will garner compliments thanks to the musky citrus aroma.

Value For Money

Whilst the performance isn’t great and it’s not totally unique, one redeeming factor is the fact you can pick a bottle of Light Blue up for pretty cheap. Thanks to the fact it’s been out so long, it’s regularly discounted at both retail stores and online, with 125ml bottles going for £39/$49ish, which is insane value. This should last you a few summers and you’ll be set for any heatwaves for years to come!

Pros & Cons


  • Signature summer fragrance
  • Great musky citrus drydown
  • Nice presentation
  • No brainer price
  • Inoffensive aroma


  • Weak performance
  • Only suitable in summer

Similar Perfumes

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

The highest-selling men’s fragrance of all time, Acqua Di Gio by Giorgi Armani was a huge success in the fragrance community. Encapsulating the same ‘beach on a hot day’ kind of vibe, this opens with strong citruses and clean jasmine, evolving into sea notes. There’s also a musk at the base of this as well. performance wise, it’s about the same as Light Blue as it’s also made to be a hot weather frag.

Ralph Lauren Polo Ultra Blue

One of the latest in the Ralph Lauren Polo line, Ultra Blue opens up super zesty thanks to the Citron and lemon. This is very similar to Light Blue. But the mid after this citrus burst takes a turn to a smell that’s more mineral, with mineral notes and some synthetic amber. In the drydown, you have woods, musk, and a seal salt vibe. If you want a less musky and more salty finish to your high-heat frag, this is probably the one you want.

Our Verdict

Light Blue is a hot weather staple for a reason – it’s survived the test of time as an award-winning frag. The nice citrus pop at the beginning, the slight pepper in the middle, and the musky drydown all combine to make this absolutely stellar.

Combine this with the fact you can grab this for dirt cheap and you have a winning combination. Just don’t expect a mind-blowingly new smell when you spray it and be prepared for slightly less-than-average performance.

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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