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Hugo Boss The Scent review

Hugo Boss The Scent Review

Hugo Boss caused a stir with its fantastic release Boss Bottled and one of their fragrances that caused just a stir was Hugo Boss The Scent Eau de toilette. With a change in direction from their usual masculine scent offerings, they devised a sensual scent that would become their newest hit.

But is the fragrance any good? let’s take a deep dive into Hugo Boss The Scent eau de toilette and see if it could be your next irresistible fragrance!

Brand History

Hugo Boss is a German fashion and lifestyle brand that was founded in 1924. The company started off by producing high-quality suits for men, but over the years, it has expanded its product line to include a wide range of fashion items, including fragrances. The first fragrance by Hugo Boss was launched in 1985, and since then, the brand has become a well-known name in the fragrance industry.

Hugo Boss fragrances are known for their sophisticated and modern scents. Over the years, the brand has launched several popular fragrances for both men and women, including Hugo Boss Bottled, Boss Orange, and Hugo Boss The Scent. Hugo Boss fragrances are designed for individuals who appreciate the finer things in life and want to make a statement with their scent. Today, the brand continues to innovate and push the boundaries of fragrance creation, cementing its place as a leading name in the fragrance industry.

Perfume History

Hugo Boss The Scent was released in 2015 and was created by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, being described as a seductive and sophisticated scent for men. The inspiration behind it was the idea of seduction and the power of scent to attract and entice. The fragrance was designed to be a sensual and addictive scent that would capture the attention of anyone who came into contact with it.

Since its launch, Hugo Boss The Scent has become a popular fragrance for men around the world, with its unique and sophisticated blend of notes. Its success has led to the release of several flanker fragrances, including The Scent Private Accord and The Scent Absolute. The face of the advertising campaign is the actor Theo James.

Perfume Story

With the idea being to create an attractive fragrance, Hugo boss wanted to use ingredients that were well-known to cause a stir in women. Jovanovic used a unique blend of notes, including ginger, mandarin, lavender and the exotic Maninka fruit. The base symbolizes magnetic masculinity with sensuous leather and vanilla. These notes were carefully selected to create a sensual and addictive scent that would be irresistible to anyone who came into contact with it and that taps into what women really want. The result was a fragrance that was both unique and sophisticated, with a distinct character and style.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

presentation and bottle of Hugo Boss The Scent is a reflection of the fragrance itself – sophisticated and modern. The flacon is made of clear glass, with a sleek and elegant design that is both simple and stylish. The top is made of metal, with the Hugo Boss logo engraved on it. The fragrance itself is a light amber colour, which is visible through the clear glass.

The presentation of the fragrance is also sleek and modern, with a black box that features the Hugo Boss logo in silver lettering. The box is simple yet elegant, with a clean design that is in keeping with the brand’s overall aesthetic. As we stated above, the presentation of Hugo Boss The Scent feels like a perfect match for the fragrance itself, creating an overall package that is both stylish and sophisticated. The combination of the bottle, presentation and fragrance makes for a great experience for anyone who uses it.

Our Thoughts

The scent is a great fragrance that has some exquisite notes. It’s unashamedly fresh and masculine and for its price range, a very solid fragrance. Whilst I don’t find it to be mind-blowingly original and a real head-turner, it’s really smooth and easygoing for a dumb reach.

I think that one of its strengths is the fact it’s just different enough to stand out a bit, whilst being widely accessible. You aren’t hunting far and wide for this, you can simply go down to your local fragrance shop and get your hands on it.

How many sprays are required?

One drawback is the fact that Hugo Boss The Scemt is actually quite weak. You’re going to have to most likely overspray whenever you wear this. For casual daily wear, I wouldn’t go lower than 6 sprays. This is the same for wearing as a signature scent.

I would still go heavy with the sprays in summer, as you most likely want the fragrance to be firing off of you. Again, go for around 6 sprays. Hugo Boss The Scent doesn’t handle the winter too well – the cold really subdues the scent and the smell will be easily forgotten as the cold swallows up the scent.


Let’s take a look under the metaphorical hood and see what Hugo Boss The Scent is made of:

Top Notes


Mandarin Orange


The scent opens with a spicy note – ginger. It tickles the nose but isn’t enough to make you wince. The ginger is backed up with bright and zesty bergamot, as well as juicy mandarin. The ginger and citrus combo is quite widely used in men’s fragrances, so you won’t find anything shocking here.

The opening dissipates within minutes, leading down to the most interesting part of the fragrance for many people – the mid.

Heart Notes

Maninka fruit


The mid is arguably the most interesting part of this scent – it includes the rarely used exotic Maninka fruit. This is a strange fruit that had a smell I can’t really describe. It’s like a spicy note but fruity at the same time.

So add the spiciness in the mid of Boss The Scent eau de toilette, and there’s a subtle lavender. This isn’t mega prominent, it’s just enough to keep things interesting.

Base Notes


Woody Notes

After about an hour of the mid, the dry down starts to kick in. There’s a very intensive leather accord that is the main backbone of the drydown. The woody facets are more supportive and help add a masculine edge to everything.



For many people, the sillage leaves a lot to be desired. Boss The Scent sticks close to you and won’t really leave a large scent trail unless you’re in the heat. Only expect people to really catch a whiff of you if they’re standing practically next to you.


Again, Longevity isn’t great. Boss The Scent disappears after a few short hours, so you’ll most likely have to keep reapplying if possible. People are reporting anywhere from 2 hours to 6, with rare cases getting 10+ hours.


And it’s 3/3 for Boss The Scent. The projection is just below average on me personally, with a majority of people stating the same thing. It sits quite tight to you but not quite skin scent level – so you’ll get a foot of projection for the bulk of the life of the fragrance.

Target Market

This is masculine, through and through. It’s not in your face manly, but the warm, woody spiciness clearly draws a line in the sand. Age-wise, I’d say any man between 21-50 can pull this off. It’s a little bit playful whilst keeping a serious manner around it.

When to Wear

I would only suggest wearing this in daytime casual wear, office wear or as a signature scent. It doesn’t have anywhere near the power it needs to be a special occasion fragrance and isn’t really special enough for date nights.

I’d also shelve this during colder weather – the cold turns the already mediocre performance into something even worse.


Boss The Scent is a little bit individual, thanks to that Maninka fruit note. This isn’t unique enough to blow your socks off though. It’s just a nice twist to keep things interesting whilst not being too out there. If you’re after a head-turning fragrance that will make people notice you as soon as you walk in the room, Boss The Scent eau de toilette isn’t it.

Value For Money

Thankfully, you can find this discounted pretty easily. It’s another one of those frags that fragrance shops and outlets love to put on offer since it’s a well-known brand name and mid-tier pricing. You can get your hands on a 100ml of this for sub £50/$63 very easily. If it resonates with you (sample first!), then you could have your next signature scent.

Pros & Cons


  • Inoffensive with unique facets
  • Pretty cheap
  • Nice presentation
  • Easy dumb reach scent


  • Performance is lacklustre
  • Not an attention grabber

Similar Perfumes

Boss The Scent Intense

Slightly pricier but much improved (in my eyes), this takes the original boss the Scent and makes it way more seductive with cardamom and vanilla. If you like the scent profile of the original but want a slightly more amped-up and sexy version, give this a whirl.

Azzaro Wanted by Night

A modern classic, Wanted by Night takes the same vibe and drips it in swagger. There are only a few of the same notes and it doesn’t have the star Manika fruit facet, but what it lacks in uniqueness it makes up for in sweet, lightly fruity goodness.

Our Verdict

Whilst the performance doesn’t really hit the mark, The Scent by Hugo Boss hits the mark with its slightly unique take on men’s fragrances. Get a sample and if you like it you’ll be able to grab a bottle for pretty cheap.

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Scent
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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