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Prada L'Homme Review

Prada L’Homme Review

Prada L Homme Review

One of the undisputed ‘king of cleans’ is the now iconic Prada L’homme. Well, known for being a staple office-friendly fragrance and a great scent all around, does the fragrance still hold up? Let’s take a closer look at today’s review of all things Prada L’Homme and break down everything you need to know.

Brand & Perfume History

Prada is an Italian fashion house that was created in 1913. The brand didn’t start mass-releasing fragrances until 2004 and has since then very sporadically released fragrances. It has a range of different fragrance lines for both men and women, with most of them containing an almost trademark amber accord.

Perfume Story

Prada released L’Homme along with La Femme at the same time in the middle of 2016. The pair were set to signify the equality of the sexes and the relationships between them – friends, lovers or even strangers.

Prada brought in master perfumer Daniela Andrier to help with the creative direction and the end result was an absolutely masterful use of iris and amber.

Bottle & Presentation

The presentation of Prada L’Homme is sheer quality. the liquid of the fragrance is crystal clear whilst the bottle has a fancy silver finisher and faux leather back. It looks really nice and clean, reminiscent of the scent itself.

The sprayer is also top notch and the nozzle makes a nice clicking sound when you spritz it. It never gets old!

Our Thoughts

Prada L’homme eau de toilette was one of those scents where I sniffed it and knew it was ‘me’. It’s super easy to wear and really does perfectly suit office life. It’s not a complex scent at all. I mainly just get a clean soapy vibe with a hint of iris around the edges.

I find it perfect for an office signature scent or to just wear when doing odd bits. sure, it doesn’t have the strength or power to really turn heads. But sometimes you just want to smell nice and clean. Prada L’homme does that to a tee.

How many sprays are required?

being a typical Prada Fragrance, L’homme isn’t super strong. It is designed for you to spray and forget about it, knowing you’ll smell good and clean for the duration. This means you can go for around 3-4 sprays and be done on most days. It’s handy to keep your bottle at your place of work though if you’re wearing this as a signature scent since it’s not that strong.

The heat works well with this and gets it to push out more, so you can also go for the same number of sprays on a hot day,


Top Notes


Black Pepper


Carrot Seeds

Personally, I find the opening of Prada L’homme to be very soft and restrained. The neroli kicks off the brightness and is right up front and center. There’s a hint of black pepper so a slightly spicy touch, but the smooth cardamom is the main supporting note of the neroli. I don’t get the carrot seeds note at all for some reason!

This opening lasts literally a few seconds before the mid starts to get involved.

Middle Notes





With the mid, the main star of the fragrance comes out to play – the Iris. Prada L’Homme eau de toilette is a very iris-dominant fragrance, but you needn’t be worried about smelling girly. Most people perceive an iris note to be lipstick-smelling, but in this, the iris is pure cleanliness. I don’t know what magic they’ve worked to make the iris smell this way, but it smells incredible.

The beautiful iris is backed up with a few more florals – violet and geranium – which helps the scent go super clean. It is a touch feminine but nothing to be worried about. The notes from the other phases of the fragrance all bring this iris and floral combo back down to masculine land. Finally, you have the mate which is a slightly green and herbaceous note, although you’ll mainly be getting the iris.

The mid of Prada l’homme eau de toilette is the longest phase and lasts about 2-3 hours before the drydown starts to kick in.

Base Notes





Reigning things back into masculine territory is the drydown. You’ve got most of the masculine notes in this phase. The trademark Prada amber is in full force, with its sweet earthiness. Alongside that, you have cedar and sandalwood to balance out the florals from earlier. Finally, a nice, soft patchouli joins the mix. The patchouli is there but barely noticeable. The drydown will be mostly a skin scent by the phase you get to it.



The sillage of Prada L’homme is designed to be a bit more restrained. It’s not really noticeable unless someone is right up in your space. It settles nicely around you in a tight cloud, which is what makes it so perfect for office environments. If you want a fragrance that screams your arrival then Prada L’homme isn’t it.


The longevity of Prada L’Homme is moderate – around 3-5 hours. If you don’t mind a soft scent then you can simply spray it on in the morning and leave it, but if you want to ensure you’re always smelling good you may need to top it up throughout the day.


Projection is again moderate – I’d even say just below moderate. When Prada L’homme is in its main iris phase or the mid, you’ll get around a foot a scent. It most likely won’t project more than this unless it’s hot and you’ve got good skin chemistry for it.

Target Market

Prada L’Homme has a well-put-together professional man in mind. It’s almost a no-brainer if you’re working some sort of office-based job and rightfully so. It’s just so easy to wear in those situations. I think any age many could pull this off, it’s a fragrance that is heavily skewed towards the situation you want to wear it in, not age. A bold woman could also pull this off since it isn’t purely masculine in most of its stages.

When to Wear

At the office. That is the single most useful situation to wear Prada L’homme in. aside from that, you can easily wear this when doing day-to-day activities such as shopping or running errands.

It doesn’t really have the versatility for big events, date nights or clubbing. It’s too clean and lacks those sweeter notes to really get noticed. Day dates are a possible choice to wear though, such as going for a coffee or a catch-up with friends.


Prada L’Homme is actually a very unique scent. You’ll be very hard-pressed to find a bright neroli and iris-based fragrance that is of this quality. Thanks to being a bit on the premium side of pricing you’re also not likely to bump into anyone else wearing it unless they’re into their fragrances. Top marks for Prada L’Homme here.

Value For Money

In my eyes, it’s a very good value for money. There’s some top-quality blending going on and it’s super easy to wear. A search found 100ml of Prada L’Homme going for around $100/£85, which is good value when you think of the quality and uniqueness you’re getting for a signature scent.

Pros & Cons


  • Super easy to wear
  • Nice, light and clean fragrance
  • Quite unique
  • Well designed bottle
  • Quality blending


  • Rarely on discount
  • Iris and florals may put people off
  • Not good for events or clubbing

Similar Perfumes

Prada L’Homme Intense

As the name suggests, this is an upgraded, more night time appropriate version of Prada L’Homme. Often described as what Bruce Wayne would smell like, the intense version still has the iris backbone but takes things darker with an incredible tonka and leather drydown. If you like L’Homme and want a nighttime version, definitely give this a try.

Dior Homme Eau for Men

If you like the sound of a clean iris but want a slightly sweeter take, Homme Eau could be a great choice. It’s quite similar in its vibe but has a spicier opening thanks to coriander and a more refined drydown that is dripping in amber. It has the same performance as L’Homme but Homme Eau can be hard to come by.

Our Verdict

Prada L’Homme is one of the ‘core scents’ that I think every man should smell at least once. It’s an iris-centric fragrance done incredibly right and will leave you smelling clean. It has an incredible reputation in the fragrance industry, achieving legendary status, and is well worth checking out if you haven’t already!

0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0 Bottle
0/5 Price

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