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Terre D'Hermes Review

Terre D Hermes Review

There are only a handful of perfumes that totally change the male fragrance industry – such as Sauvage, Aventus and Le Male. One that did just that is Terre D’Hermes by Hermes. The fragrance set a new standard when it was first released – but how does it hold up today?

We’re going to go into detail about this landmark fragrance, going over its colourful history. You’ll learn all about the notes, and our thoughts about Terre D’hermes, how you should spritz it, performance and even some perfumes that smell the same.

Let’s begin:

Brand & Perfume History

Hermes is an iconic fashion house founded in Paris by a man named Thierry Hermes. Whilst the brand started life only offering accessories, they ventured into the fragrance world with their first release – Eau d’Hermes – in the 50s. Known for releasing scents heavily based on wood and lacking any real sweet notes, they’ve become iconic for their use of woods. Since its first release, Hermes has released plenty of other fragrances, but the one that really put them on the map was Terre d’Hermes.

Terre d’Hermes Eau de toilette was released in 2006 and changed the whole fragrance game for men’s fragrances. It almost instantly became a best-seller, won fragrance of the year and people were flocking in their droves to get their hands on it thanks to it being so different – There were a few comments instantly calling it a classic.

The success of Terre d’Hermes saw quite a few flankers being released. These included a parfum and edp version, Terre d’Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver, Terre d’Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche and the most recent release, Eau Givree. Most of these were also created by the same perfumer, Jean Claude Ellena.

Perfume Story

Hermes brought in perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena to head the creative direction of Terre d’Hermes edt. trying to encapsulate raw materials, they wanted to combine the bitterness of grapefruit, the alchemy of woods and the freshness of orange with more earthy notes like flint. The creative brief was to create a fragrance that represented a journey imbued with poetry and strength.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The bottle of Terre d’Hermes is now iconic. The square, see-through flacon has a black twist top and is simple yet elegant in its design – the same as French perfumery aims to be. The bottom of the bottle forms the trademark Hermes ‘H’ – the well-known Hermès logo – which is found on their belts.

The sprayer is top-notch as well and won’t let you down. you can also get handy refillable 30ml bottles which make taking Terre d’Hermes a doddle to travel around with.

Our Thoughts

Terre D’Hermes eau de toilette is THE fragrance that got me into the fragrance game – I’m a big fan. I first smelled it on my friend and immediately set out to get my hands on a bottle. The woody spicy fragrance is absolutely incredible to me – it’s clean, dirty, different, juicy, musky, fresh and so much more.

It’s so easy to wear that it’s become my dumb reach for both casual outings and also sometimes more formal events. I’m currently on my 4th bottle and it’s one fragrance I will always have a bottle of, I love it that much.

How many sprays are required?

Terre D’hermes is a strange fragrance, in that it’s very dependent on your skin chemistry and how it works with it. Some people get great performance, whilst it’s more subdued on other people. This means you’ll have to play about with the sprays to find the perfect number for you.

In general, you can go for 4-6 to smell good for day-to-day wearing. This will cover most bases and let off a nice sillage for a good 4-6 hours, longer if it’s colder. Cooler weather outside means a few more sprays and you can go all the way up to 8. try to get it on your clothes if you can as this will help Terre d’hermes last a bit longer.

You can go for the higher sprays with more formal events as well if you want to be noticed. If you prefer it to sit a bit more subtly then aim for a max of 5 sprays.


Top Notes



Your first spray of Terre d’hermes edt will reveal the citrus notes. The orange and grapefruit aren’t the juicy types you can find in plenty of other fragrances. The orange here is more like the sharp smell of orange peel when you peel one. It’s a striking orange that is complimented incredibly well by the bitter grapefruit.

This opening is a real shock to the system and you need to prepare for it, as when many people read that orange is in the composition they don’t expect a zesty orange note, but rather a fresh and juicy one.

Heart Notes




Mineral Notes

Iso e Super

The opening fades almost immediately with Terre d’Hermès and the mid kicks in. The pepper isn’t a shocking spice, it’s just nicely sitting with the Iso e-Super and adds just a hint of spiciness. The Iso e helps elevate the smell a bit and adds a roughness to the edges.

The flint is a metallic note that is hard to describe but you’ll know it when you smell it. This is combined with the mineral facets and the clean pelargonium to clean up the dirty vibe that starts to raise its head in this phase.

All in all, this mid lasts about an hour before we get to the show-stopping dry down.

Base Notes





Now we get to the note that this fragrance is all about – the vetiver. Many brands use a clean and modern vetiver in their compositions, but Terre d’Hermès switches things up a bit. The vetiver here is rough and dirty, very earthy and what gives this fragrance its charm.

This is supported by other woody notes with the cedar. The cedar is a slightly sweeter wood that adds just a touch of sweetness. The patchouli and benzoin add earth-like texture into the mix and help ground the composition, also making Terre d’Hermès undoubtedly masculine.


Now you know what the groundbreaking fragrance from Jean Claude Ellena smells like, let’s take a look at the performance of Terre d’Hermès.


The sillage of Terre d’Hermès is moderate. you’ll have a decent scent bubble around for about an arm’s length for most of the duration. It’s not invasive and won’t scream off of you, but like any fragrance, it’s highly dependent on your skin chemistry.

In general, though, you’ll have a dirty orange and woody scent trail behind you for a good few hours and anyone that comes within your scent bubble will get a noseful of that iconic Terre d’Hermès smell.


Terre d’Hermès lasts a solid work day, so around 6-8 hours. After this, it leaves a dirty and musky scent on the skin for a few more hours, but this sits super close to you and will be hard to detect unless someone gets close.

For me personally, this is the perfect length of time when you’re using it for a signature scent. there aren’t many occasions where you’ll need Terre d’Hermès to last longer than this. As always, if you want it to last longer, spritz your clothes as the molecules get absorbed and trapped into the fibres.


The projection of Terre d’Hermès is again moderate. You’ll get around a metre of projection in the scent bubble for the main few hours you wear this.

Target Market

This is targeted at men, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. Every note is designed to be masculine and it would be very hard for a woman to wear this or for it to be confused for a feminine fragrance.

I feel like almost any age could wear this except teenagers. There is absolutely nothing playful about Terre d’Hermès and it’s a mature fragrance whilst not being ‘old man’. It particularly suits men in professional lines of work or who are artistic in some manner, as it’s bold and daring yet not too out there.

When to Wear

This is the epitome of a signature fragrance. It’s absolutely made for everyday wear and you can get away with it in pretty much every situation. Date nights, office wear, casual coffee – you name it.

Summer and hotter weather are where Terre d’Hermès really excels though. The heat does wonders for the citruses and really helps them to punch out, giving Terre d’Hermès a more refreshing edge than usual.

You can still get away with it in winter, you just may find the citrus-based facets a bit more subdued and the woody elements overpowering any citrus.

The flankers are designed to cover all bases in terms of situations. For warmer weather, you’ve got Tres Fraiche and Eau Givree. For colder climates, Intense Vetiver. If you live in a climate that is either mostly high heat or cold, you can take a look at these two fragrances as they keep the DNA whilst boosting certain facets of the original.


When this was first released, there was nothing else like it. But thanks to its popularity, it started to be worn more often and it became a fragrance that was pretty common. It was first released 17 years ago though and Terre d’Hermes has almost been forgotten by many people, so it’s quite easy to get away with it in terms of smelling unique.

The price point is also another factor that helps to keep this a unique fragrance. It’s priced slightly higher than most designer fragrances, which adds a slight barrier to entry, meaning not every guy and his dog will have this in their collection.

Value For Money

For me, the price is a no-brainer. It’s such a groundbreaking fragrance if they charged double it would still be worth it. At full price, it’s still great value for money as there aren’t many other fragrances at all which have the same vibes.

The good news is that this is incredibly easy to find at online discounters – I got 100ml for £50 from a well-known discount site and that is very, very good value for money. It’s pretty much stealing at that price!

Pros & Cons


  • A groundbreaking fragrance that’s considered a masterpiece.
  • Smells really, really good & classy.
  • Pretty unique.
  • Super easy to pull off.
  • good longevity & performance.
  • Nice presentation.
  • Can easily find it discounted


  • If you don’t like dirty woods, you won’t like this
  • You may bump into other people wearing it

Similar Perfumes

Nacisco Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir

This is a weaker, more fruity and musky version of Terre d’hermes. This is much cheaper but the performance isn’t there. The opening has a really nice cardamom though and it leaves a nice musky scent lingering on you. This is essentially an entry point to what Terre d’Hermes smells like.

Montale Red Vetiver

Take the fruits out of the opening of Hermes and make it more woods focussed and you’ve got Red Vetiver. Like many Montale frags, it’s absolutely nuclear in performance, so easy on the trigger. If you want a darker and more woods-based Terre d’Hermes that fills up rooms, give this one a try.

Our Verdict

Terre d’hermes is one of my favorite fragrances on the planet and I honestly think everyone needs to smell it at least once. I would recommend every man buys a bottle but then everyone would be wearing it and it would lose its special place in my heart.

It’s so easy to pull off, different and vibrant that it’s very, very hard not to like. You can get away with it as day to day situations or just for special occasions – it’s that much of a swiss army knife fragrance.

Please do yourself a favour and just order a sample of this. You won’t regret it.

0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0 Bottle
0/5 Price

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