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Tom Ford Fabulous Review

Tom Ford Fabulous Review

One of Tom Ford’s most divisive creations, Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous has split his loyal fan base in two. With a rather interesting name and unusual almond & leather notes, it certainly isn’t for everyone.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous, so read on to find out.

Brand & Perfume History

Tom Ford is one of the biggest names in modern perfumery, releasing some of the most celebrated scents of all time. He started his lustrious career at Gucci, where he steered the company from the brink of bankruptcy to being worth billions as the creative director.

It was here he found his passion for fragrances, composing cult classics such as Gucci Pour Homme and YSL’s M7. In 2005 he announced he was launching his own brand and the first release was Black Orchid in 2006.

He split his range into two main lines – the Signature Collection and the Private Blends. Fucking Fabulous was released in 2017 after being announced at that year’s New York fashion week. Due to some controversy, he shortened the name of the perfume to just Fabulous.

Perfume Story

Wanting to create an iconoclastic leather fragrance that is totally different from any other leather fragrance around, Tom Ford came up with the idea for Fucking Fabulous. Bringing in creative director Shyamala Maisondieu, they set to work combining some strange notes into a cohesive concoction that Tom Ford could only describe as “Fucking fabulous” – hence the name.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

Like all of the Tom Ford private blend bottles, Fucking Fabulous has an understated and classy presentation. The bottle is based around a chess piece and is adorned with the fragrance’s name. On newer bottles, you’ll find the fucking crossed out with a red stripe, so it just reads fabulous.

The bottle itself is a deep matte black, contrasting wonderfully with the white label. It just oozes class and would sit well anywhere.

Our Thoughts

Tom Ford Fucking fabulous is a hell of a scent – it’s very, very unique and you’ll get a flurry of different facets and notes which in theory, shouldn’t work well together. But they do. I mean, who else would think about putting almonds with leather?

It really stands out from the more mainstream scents and you’re guaranteed to smell different from everyone else when you wear this. If you aren’t a fan of sweet, earthy balsamic scents though, you may want to give this one a miss.

How many sprays are required?

Thanks to being a sweeter scent, Fucking Fabulous isn’t a projection beast. It sits fairly close to the skin, so you can get away with a few more sprays than usual.

Signature scent and daily wear is a 3-4 spray job. Nights out in the cold can see you going up to 6 to give it a bit more lasting power. Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous doesn’t work well in the heat at all, so it’s worth wearing something a bit lighter during the summer months.


Top Notes


Clary Sage

The first thing you get with Fucking Fabulous is a blast of lavender supported by what smells like clary sage oil. This is quite strong, so you may not want to put your hand to your nose straight away after spraying.

This clean opening sticks around for a good 15-20 minutes before the mid starts to make an appearance.

Heart Notes


Bitter Almond


Orris root

It’s during the mid of Fucking Fabulous that the interesting notes start to pop. You have clean leather and that iconic bitter almond, which creates quite a strange accord that can take some getting used to.

The sweetness is then amplified thanks to a touch of vanilla. The orris is there just to ground everything and add a slightly dirty, earthy facet.

Base Notes

Tonka Bean



White Woods


After a few hours of the almond and leather scent, the base notes start to appear. The main things I get are pure decadent sweetness – almost edible. You have the tonka bean smell, which is a dry sweetness, combined with a rich, sweet amber.

I find the other notes more supportive of the creamy tonka bean and amber. The leather is the same leather as the mid, adding a constant through both stages. The woods and cashmeran help to keep things clean whilst adding a bit of a backbone to the sweet drydown.



The sillage of Tom Ford Fabulous is good for what it’s designed to be – a more personal and sweet scent. You’ll have a close trail of sweet, almond, and leather goodness following you for a few hours, although this will be quite close to you.


One place where Tom Ford Fabulous excels is longevity. This sticks to the skin and lasts. You’ll get a good 10-12 hours in total of smell, with the end being purely a skin scent.


On the flip side, the projection is where Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous ultimately falls flat. It is a scent that sits very close to you – which could be a good thing considering how polarising the fragrance is.

Target Market

Whilst the fucking fabulous feels like a masculine fragrance, it’s marketed as unisex. The creamy tonka side does lean a bit feminine, but the other elements such as the brushed suede texture and earth notes sway it more masculine.

Whilst it’s not the pinnacle of masculine fragrances, it is a high-quality tonka fragrance that men can wear. If you’re a slightly older man who enjoys dry, sweet fragrances, this could be right up your alley.

When to Wear

This is one of the few fragrances that I would say wouldn’t suit being worn daily. It’s too much of an out-there, attention-grabbing fragrance for that. Thanks to it being an aromatic tonka bomb, it suits evening occasions in colder weather best. Of course, you can get away with it on other occasions, but I personally feel that it would be hard to do so.


Top marks here for Fabulous. I highly, highly, highly doubt you’ll smell like anyone else when wearing this. It’s totally unique and I’ve yet to even find a fragrance that smells similar.

Value For Money

This is where there’s another divide in the community – the price of Fucking Fabulous. Paying full price for a bottle from a Tom Ford boutique – about £265/$320 – Isn’t worth the price in my opinion. It’s a great scent, just there are less divisive ones out there for that price.

If you can get yourself a deal or have some extra money to splash and want to smell totally unique, then it could be worth a look though.

Pros & Cons


  • Totally unique
  • Interesting combination of notes
  • Lasts a long time
  • Wonderful presentation & bottle
  • Quality blending


  • High Price
  • Doesn’t project that well
  • Highly divisive
  • Doesn’t work in the heat

Similar Perfumes

Mancera Fig Extasy

This is probably going to be the closest you’ll get, although with a slight twist. You’ve got a juicy fig note in here and something that’s creating an almond-like facet.

Parfums de Marly Pegasus 

Pegasus is a bit different from Fabulous but encompasses the sweet, almond smell. Another expensive niche frag, this one has a quality sweet profile but is a bit more powdery.

Our Verdict

Fucking Fabulous is an ode to Tom fords creativity. He’s created a totally unique sweet leather frag that some people will absolutely love whilst others will hate. If it sounds like something you’d like, make sure you sample it first!

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Scent
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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