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Tom Ford Lost Cherry Perfume Review

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Perfume Review

Tom Ford Lost Cherry is a sweet cherry note based fragrance that integrates contrasting scent elements such as roasted tonka beans, Turkish rose and bitter almond, to give you a confident and full bodied fragrance. While this fragrance is not for everyone, it really moulds each individual and their skin chemistry, for the best performance and sillage.

Tom Ford has always boasted a gender fluidity to his fragrances and this lost cherry liqueur eau de parfum is no different. While some males may find this scent too sweet, Lost Cherry is still a fragrance that everyone is talking about, years down the line from its release. 

If you are wondering what exactly this fragrance is all about, and why all the fuss; then you are in luck, as this Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume review is about to do just that. 

Brand and Perfume History

With the brand and perfume history, other reviews we have shared have gone into detail about Tom Ford and his history within the fashion industry networks. However, it is important to highlight how Tom Ford got to his success thus far; and the networking he did within the industry, really did help him make a name for himself and push past the fashion norms, especially where gender fluidity is concerned.

Tom Ford always regarded fashion, design and art as a means of expression, and therefore something he was very passionate about. His parents witnessed his love for design and never once stopped or halted his dreams in favour of something more socially acceptable, meaning Tom had his parents full support from the moment he could lift a pencil and draw. From the age of 5, he would constantly rearrange the furniture at home as a way of appealing to his design nature and quirks. 

However it was not until the year 1980, that Ford had managed to actually get an official outlet and occupation within the design world, when he became a stylist for commercials on set, and he continued doing so, networking and meeting more and more designers within New York. This collective experience helped Ford build a design portfolio, which he could carry forward for his future working relations within Milan-the capital of fashion.

In Milan, Ford picked up the biggest career step within his life to date, acting as the design director for Gucci. It was within this period that Ford had built a reputation with working amongst influencing celebrities, and became a fashion influencer himself, and even brought new life to the brand Gucci, at a time where many saw Gucci as a brand that was ‘losing its spark’. Until this day, Tom Ford received every credit for this new breath of life into the brand, and it was the reason why he quickly became promoted as creative director for Gucci, in very little time. 

The credentials that Tom Ford gained at Gucci, quickly allowed him to build his own brand for himself, and that is exactly what he did in 2005. In very little time, Ford founded his own menswear, womenswear, beauty and fragrance line, and he quickly launched the famous Private Blend collection which is the unique collection that Lost Cherry, the exotic cherry fruit fragrance happens to be a part of.

Each perfume launched became an outlet for both genders to use as a form of expression. Tom Ford broke the boundaries of typical gender norms very early on within his career, and for that he was thanked and really supported, helping his fame and brand escalate rather quickly. Fragrances such as Black Orchid, Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanilla, Tuscan Leather and of course Lost Cherry quickly became cult beauty buys and put Ford on a pedestal for perfumery. 

Perfume Story

Lost Cherry sold its own story rather quickly from its launch in 2018. The sour cherry fragrance was a very new and unique scent to be introduced at the time on the market, and the very reason comes down to the unique arrangement of sweet notes, along with florals and sour cherry waves. Lost Cherry offered a tempting dichotomy for the time, and the fantasy inspiring levels within the tale added to the reason for the perfume’s intrigue.

On the Tom Ford official website, the fragrance is presented as a ‘scent to penetrate the senses’. Tom Ford creates an image that Lost Cherry is a desirable and exotic cherry fruit that isn’t easily precured, and the only way the wearer can experience the perfume is by seeking out the black cherry scent for themselves and finding out the candy-like gleam that the perfume offers. Tom Ford further quotes the perfumes unique status within the perfume world by furthering the description of how it offers fantasy levels of insatiability, from the breathtaking florals turkish rose, bitter almonds and jasmine sambac which all unveil themselves to the wearer of the fragrance.

Until this day, Tom Ford kept up the rare juicy cherry’s availability limited, and only found at unique retailers. Therefore, living up to the rare experience that Lost Cherry can offer to those who seek it.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

Lost Cherry’s unique bottle shape is in line with the rest of the Private Blend collection. However, the unique colouring from a black cherry’s ripe flesh tints the glass of the bottle in a completely unique way, to stay true to the scents story, so that it would appear as if the cherry liqueur glistens as the fragrance sits waiting for its wearer to pick it up. 

Many who purchase Tom Ford perfume bottles, remain unaware of the reason as to why Tom Ford perfumes keep to an opaque perfume bottle. The fragrances from the collection keep to this design trait, to ensure that minimum light can enter the fragrance bottle, as this could break down the qualities of the perfume over time, and really reduce the value of the perfume. Lost Cherry keeps to this tradition, to really give the wearers of the fragrance the best duration and performance that they would expect when purchasing such a high value perfume.

Our Thoughts

The fragrance really does showcase a continuation to what Tom Ford has been trying to tell in the story of their fragrance line- luxury, simplicity and gender fluidity. While many would take this perfume to possibly be rather too fruity and feminine from the voluptuous fruits made available on this scent, however the tested Lost Cherry doesn’t disappoint and really does equate to classic perfection where fragrances are concerned.

How many sprays are required?

The luscious flesh cherry notes really do come across from as little as 3 sprays to the skin. While it is recommended for the Tom Ford Fragrance collection to be applied to all pulse points, each wearer can really get the most of the perfume, with the ‘less is more’ approach.


Top Notes

Bitter Almond, Black Cherry Liqueur

Bitter Almond

The top notes most noticeable within Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume, the bitter almond is responsible for the candied sweet scent that really make this perfume unique and different to other juicy cherry fragrances on the market. 

Black Cherry Liqueur

The synthetic cherry liqueur brings a burst of wild cherry that blends very nicely with the roasted almonds in the fragrance. Two of these combined really make a textured maceration of unique flavours.

Heart Notes

Sour Cherry, Plum, Turkish Rose, Jasmine Sambac

Sour Cherry

The Sour Cherry within the perfume adds an exotic twist to the iconic symbol of the perfume. Many pinpoint this heart note as the reason for the fragrances teasing touch and full bodied journey. One the almond and liqueur take a back seat into the perfume, the sour cherry takes centre stage and really opens the door for the rest of the florals like in the perfume to come into the picture.

Turkish Rose

The Turkish Rose offers a subtle fruity and powdery note to the fragrance. The rose is in no way overpowering, meaning it works well and the fragrance moves to introduce the next heart note into the mix-Jasmine Sambac.

Jasmine Sambac

Once the heart notes of Jasmine Sambac penetrate the body of the scent, the full body of sweetness that comes from the fragrance and other notes, begins to balance out and really adopt a more masculine like journey overall. The longer this note is in the mix, the more dry and heavy the perfume becomes, making it perform in a more subtly romantic way.

Base Notes

Tonka Bean, Peru Balsam, Woody notes, Griotte Syrup, Cinnamon, Cloves

Tonka Bean

Tonka beans within the fragrance are roasted and therefore give a very rich depth to the perfume. Although the roasting process tends to take a while, at the end when added to a fragrance, it gives a sweet vanilla like undertone and aroma to a perfume, and dries the perfume down for when the perfume settles.

Peru Balsam

Found originally within a tree located in the South of America, there is a boiling process which extracts the thick resinous fibres to be added within fragrances. Similar to the Tonka Bean, peru balsam offers sweet earthy notes as other notes from the heart bursts and really takes lead within the fragrance.

Woody notes 

Aromatics within a perfume really do give an oriental vibrance to a perfume. Once the fragrance starts to highlight the woody cedar and sandalwood, Lost Cherry will feel like a full bottle of a warm hug. The woody notes take over from the turkish rose and jasmine, becoming heavy and settle right into the skin like a toasty warm blanket.






This perfume holds a very powerful lingering scent trail after the initial spray. It is one of the many reasons why Lost Cherry is considered as a good fragrance, and surpasses many fragrances within the industry. With the combination of elements, the woody aromatic base notes, alongside the sweet cherry notes in the heart of the fragrance, can be smelled across far and intimate proximity.


Similarly to the sillage, to have such a powerful scent trail, the Tom Ford Lost Cherry offers long lasting fragrance performance too. While the Tom Ford Lost Cherry evolves and progressively changes with time, this is probably one of the most appealing fragrances for a full embodied journey. There is nothing better than being able to smell a perfume after a long day of wear.


Tom Ford Lost Cherry has a strong projection that can be smelled long after the first initial sprays. While many people sometimes prefer subtle fragrances that offer light intersects throughout the day, Lost Cherry is a stronger perfume and really can be picked up long after you walk by, or leave a room. The projection performance will be sure to give you the biggest limelight across your day.

Target Market

Tom Ford Lost Cherry doesn’t have a strict target market for who this perfume is aimed at. Quite simply, the fragrance teases its suitability for most people-men and women, and it all comes down to whether you like the perfume or not pretty much.

When to Wear

Tom Ford Lost Cherry can be worn on a daily basis, however there is something about this perfume that really makes it perfectly suited for evening wear, when you hit the town, or you have a set candlelit dinner with a date you have been waiting for to happen for a while. The whole idea of this fragrance narrative is that the perfume is like a once forbidden secret that unveils itself to those who capture the perfume for themselves. Something as rare as that (and as pricey) would be better suited for more special occasions and unique treasured moments.


Tom Ford Lost Cherry offers a unique combination of elements that really make this perfume unique for what it offers. There are many cherry fragrances on the market, but none really use a combination of sour cherry, sweet cherry, and other famous textures such as tonka bean. Therefore, this makes the perfume very unique for what is available on the market at the moment, and gives even more reason as to why this scent is loved continuously, and gains new fans every single day.

Value For Money

This perfume is definitely not one that can be splurged on, very often-that’s for sure. The price is pretty steep and exceeds the $300 mark for the 100ml size. The smaller sizes are not found so often so it would mean that paying up for the larger size will be more likely. In comparison to other scents out there that use cherry notes, this is still the most priciest available and the value for money will really depend on usage and performance from person to person.

Pros & Cons


  • The scent is really unique for the fragrance market at the moment, with not many dupes or similar perfumes made available to smell just like it.
  • The perfume evolves throughout the day and becomes subtly sweet and spicier as the day progresses. The sour liquor scent fades away slowly.


  • The fragrance is very pricy, however it is to be expected for Tom Ford fragrances.
  • It is harder to find the smaller cheaper bottles, meaning a splurge on the larger sizes is more likely.
  • The top notes fade quicker than what would be desired, but that only gives more time to the heart and base notes.

Similar Perfumes

  • Kayali LoveFest
  • L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge
  • Guerlain Cherry Oud

Our Verdict

Tom Ford Lost Cherry is a sweet fragrance that really clings on to fabric and skin for a decent long-wear performance. While the perfume is quite a pricy one at that, it is still pretty unique on the market, and has not really been replicated thus far, making it even more desirable as a perfume. 

The liquor fragrant combination with the sweetness of the cherry and the later aromatic woody notes and vanilla tonka bean, makes this perfume a sweet subtle secret that gets better and better with wear. Sure this perfume isn’t one to really be in your face and leave a sickly sweet scent trail wherever you go, it leaves just the right amount of sweet and sour accords, and really gets it right for the flirty sweet fun that this perfume promises to those that wear it. 


0/5 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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