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Tom Ford Noir Extreme Perfume Review

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Perfume Review

Tom Ford Noir Extreme is held in extremely high regard by the fragrance community – it’s an incredibly unique gourmand fragrance that encapsulates Tom Ford’s unique style of perfumery.

Being released in 2015, it’s been out for quite a while – how does it hold up today? That’s what you’re going to find out in this review. You’re going to get all the info you need to know about Tom Ford Noir Extreme, including the story behind it, all of the notes, the performance and even a list of pros & cons for the fragrance. Let’s get down to it!

Brand History

Tom Ford has quite a colourful history. The brand is named after the man himself, who started his fashion design career working for the likes of Perry Ellis. he was quickly snapped in by Gucci and turned that company around from the brink of bankruptcy.

His skill at creating perfumes was displayed when he released some of the most revered fragrances of the time – M7 for Ysl and Gucci Pour Homme, both of which are held in high regard.

Tom Ford started his own eyewear and fragrance brand in 2005, releasing his first fragrance, Black Orchid, in 2006. Since then he has split the brand’s fragrances into two lines – the Private Blend collection and the Signature collection.

Perfume History

Tom Ford released 2 perfumes in the Noir range before Noir Extreme – Tom Ford Noir EDP in 2012 and then Tom Ford Noir EDT in the following year. To round off the collection, he wanted to create a sweeter fragrance as the other two were more dry and powdery.

he brought in well-known perfumer Sonia Constant and went to work, combining oriental and Asian elements into a fragrance that smelled dark, mysterious and delectable. The result was an extreme version and was hailed a critical success by many, adding a jolt of life back into the exciting brand.

The line received one more flanker – Tom Ford Noir Anthracite – whilst Noir Extreme itself had a flanker released in 2022, Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum. In all of the adverts, Tom Ford himself is the face.

Perfume Story

The whole creative angle of Noir Extreme was to create a fragrance that defines the new era of the Noir man. Going in a totally new direction from the rest of the line, Tom Ford Noir Extreme is a sweet, amber-drenched concoction that was designed to soothe and seduce.

The man who wears this is said to be daring, relishing in immoderation and not afraid to stand out. The way this is represented in the fragrance is by the combination of the more unusual notes such as Kulfi and mastic with bright citrus facets and an alluring sweetness.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The bottle of Tom Ford Noir Extreme is the same as the others in his Noir line – a rectangular shape with understated features. The black bottle clashes nicely with the gold writing and lid, portraying the simplicity that Tom Ford displays in everything he does.

The logo is clearly displayed on the front of the bottle and there’s a pretty cool T and F etched into the sides. Overall it’s a nice presentation, understated but luxurious.

As with many of his fragrances, the sprayer itself leaves a lot to be desired. You’ll have to pump once or twice before any of the precious juice starts to spray and the distribution of the spray isn’t the greatest. But when the juice itself is this good, that’s not really a big problem.

Our Thoughts

Tom Ford Noir Extreme is one of the greatest gourmand fragrances you can find. Thanks to its unique notes, it still holds up very well today and absolutely shines in certain situations.

Personally, I haven’t had the jaw-dropping reactions that many people claim to have had whilst wearing this, although a few people have asked me what I was wearing.

How many sprays are required?

Let’s get onto how you should wear Tom Ford noir extreme if you’re thinking about wearing it. As with every fragrance, your mileage may vary and it comes down to how the scent works with your skin chemistry.

For everyday use, 3-5 sprays are good enough. You can get away with this for office wear with that amount of sprays, and you’ll be leaving an intoxicating smell behind you wherever you go, albeit this scent cloud will be quite close to you.

For date night, you can go with about the same amount of sprays – the gorgeous, seductive Vanilla and kulfi notes will have people leaning in closer to you to get a sniff. It doesn’t have an assaulting sillage, so it’s a really great choice for dates, just take it easier on the sprays.

In the heat, you need 1, maybe 2 sprays maximum. The heat can do bad things to sweeter fragrances and cause them to become cloying, which you don’t want!

Finally, winter and cooler weather mean you can get away with a few more sprays than usual. you could go as high as 5-7 sprays and be good, as it won’t be obnoxiously loud like it can be in the heat.


Top Notes




Mandarin Oil


The very first thing you’ll get when from the first spray of Tom Ford Noir Extreme is the citrus opening. The Orange and neroli make this extremely bright up top. The creamy spiciness of cardamom adds a subtle jaggedness and the nutmeg combines with this to give it a little spicy kick. The cardamom also plays incredibly well with the saffron, adding just a touch of cleanliness to the opening and making sure it isn’t too bright.

Heart Notes



Mastic or Lentisque

Orange Blossom or Orange flower


After a few minutes, we get the heart of the fragrance and the action starts. The creamy cardamom is still present, but you start to get hints of sweetness thanks to the Kulfi note. It’s an extremely realistic Kulfi, and it’s this note that gives it some of that dessert-like quality. The clean floral notes of rose and jasmine again help to keep this clean rather than too sweet and the orange blossom adds some character and a tidge more sweetness. Throw in the balsamic smell from the mastic and you have a great combination.

Base Notes



Woody Notes


Finally, the incredible vanilla base kicks in. This is the money maker for Noir Extreme – it’s absolutely jammed full of sweetness. The rich vanilla starts to work with the kulfi to give Noir Extreme even more of a dessert-like vibe, whilst the amber backs this up. The amber here is pure decadence – it’s sweet without adding in the earthy facets that other amber fragrances sometimes do.

To help support the base and not have Noir Extreme giving you toothache thanks to the sweetness, you have the addition of sandalwood and woody notes. These play off of the amber and vanilla superbly, creating a very well-balanced dry down.



Noir Extreme is designed to sit super close to you. It doesn’t fire off of your skin and it wasn’t designed to. This was designed as a sweeter, more intimate scent, so you get around 6-12 inches of sillage, with Noir extreme dying down into a skin scent that sits VERY close to the skin.


Whilst it doesn’t fire off of you, it does last. You can get an easy 10 hours thanks to the sticky facet of vanilla. If you’re after a scent that hugs you but lasts for absolute ages, Noir Extreme won’t disappoint.


Again, thanks to the fact Noir Extreme is a fragrance that sits closer to you, the projection is moderate to low. You’ll be lucky if it projects a foot – but it’s designed to be a seductive, mysterious close range scent.

Target Market

Whilst Noir Extreme Eau de parfum is marketed to men, it can easily be pulled off by a woman thanks to its sweet notes. The spicy facets of fragrances like this do make them a tad masculine leaning though. Any age can pull this off as well, it balances playful youth with maturity incredibly well.

When to Wear

This is designed for colder weather and close encounters. It’s ideal to wear on dates or during the colder seasons. The heat can do a number on Noir Extreme, so you’re better off shelving it during winter. Also, don’t wear it to the gym!

It can be a nice office signature scent though – just go easy on the sprays and maybe skip it if the AC is broken in the office.


Noir Extreme get’s top marks here. It has a very unique DNA like many Tom Fords fragrances and you’ll be extremely hard-pressed to be in any place where someone else is sporting a delectable kulfi + vanilla-based fragrance.

Value For Money

In terms of value, Tom Ford’s signature collection is his most accessible and with the release of the flanker, prices have dropped a little We believe Noir Extreme EDP is good value for money – especially if you want a perfect date night or winter scent. That said, it’s not the bargain of the century and is definitely worth sampling first to see if you’re a fan of the unique scent.

Pros & Cons


  • Totally unique scent
  • Absolutely delicious smell that can get compliments
  • Nice presentation
  • More accessible than other Tom Ford fragrances
  • one of the best fragrances for the cold and dates


  • Sits closer to the skin
  • Higher end pricing
  • Bad sprayer

Similar Perfumes

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum

Noir Extreme Parfum is a very recent release that keeps many of the same key notes of the original – such as kulfi and orange blossom, whilst changing a few bits up. Noir Extreme Parfum is a bit pricier but adds a wonderful suede, leather and tonka bean note. These leather facets make Noir Extreme Parfum a bit more daytime appropriate and a bit more masculine.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme

Taking a similar gourmand approach, Spicebomb Extreme amps up the masculine factor with tobacco and tonnes of spices. If you like the way Noir Extreme or Noir Extreme Parfum smells but want a more manly version with added spices, this is the one.

Our Verdict

It’s an absolute stunner in our humble opinion. It should definitely be on your top list for date nights and the inter, but the slight lack of versatility means it is best for certain situations.

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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