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Tom Ford Ombre Leather Review

Tom Ford Ombre Leather Perfume Review

Tom Ford Ombre Leather doesn’t really need an introduction. Often described as a masterpiece fragrance, this is an iconic leather fragrance from one of the biggest names in the Fragrance world.

If you’ve been wondering “what does Tom Ford Ombre Leather smell” like and if it still holds up 5 years after its release, then you needn’t look any further than this review. We’re going to give you all the ins and outs of everything you need to know about this fragrance from his signature line.

Brand History

Tom Ford started his lustrious career in architecture of all things. He changed his vocation to design with an internship at Chloe and from there it was onwards and upwards.

He moved to Perry Ellis, where he worked on their designs before he got his big break with Gucci in 1990. Tom Ford has been single-handedly described as the brand’s saviour, turning Gucci around from being on the brink of bankruptcy to being worth billions of dollars.

It was whilst he was at Gucci that he forayed into fragrances, working on now cult classics such as Gucci Pour Homme II and other fragrances for the Gucci-owned YSL.

in 2005, Tom Ford announced he was starting his own brand, with fragrances and eyewear. It was a year later when the seminal Black Orchid was released and since then the brand has released smash hit after smash hit, splitting its fragrances into two main lines – The Private Blends Collection and the Signature line.

Perfume History

Tom Ford Ombré Leather started life in 2016 in the Private Blends collection, and eventually was vaulted or discontinued. Wanting to create a more accessible version of the scent, Tom Ford decided to re-release the fragrance with a few small changes, and thus the concept of a signature line version Ombre Leather was born.

With the original Omber Leather being discontinued, the fragrance community has gone on to separate the scents by calling the original ombre leather 16 and this reissue Ombre Leather 18. This version of Tom Ford’s Ombre Leather has been a flyaway success and has seen one flanker be released – Ombre Leather Parfum.

Perfume Story

The inspiration behind Tom Ford Ombré Leather Eau de parfum is the good old days of cowboys. The rough and rugged nature of the men of the wild west. Tom Ford ushered in perfumer Sonia Constant to create the fragrance from this inspiration and as soon as he heard the notes she proposed for Ombre Leather, he immediately went forward with it.

This cowboy theme can be seen in all of the adverts for the fragrance and its flanker. In typical Tom Ford fashion, these ads are quite sexually charged, conveying raw masculinity and tactile sensuality through topless cowboys.

Tom Ford himself said the fragrance was designed to be a deeply textural scent that represents wild desert beauty, leaving the wearer feeling desired, beautiful and different. Tom ford ombre leather is available in 50ml and 100ml.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

in typical Tom Ford fashion, the bottle for Ombre Leather is simply sublime. The bottle design is the same cylindrical shape as many of his signature line bottles – such as Costa Azzura – but comes in a very luxurious feeling matte black flacon.

The fragrance name is on a faux leather plaque at the front and has Ombre Leather proudly displayed in clear white writing. The lid has the Tom Ford logo on the top and the simple design of the whole presentation package is stunning.

One thing that is a bit of a drawback is the sprayer. Tom Ford fragrances are known for their less-than-ideal atomizers and Ombre Leather is no exception – the spread of the spray isn’t that good compared to other designer brand perfumes such as Dior. This is quite a minor gripe though and once you get used to it you can accommodate it easily.

Our Thoughts

Ombre Leather really does live up to the reputation of being incredibly bold and masculine. It’s one of the best leather fragrances around, and having just sprayed some on my hand, I forgot how good the smell really is – it’s clean with dirty facets, unique but not enough to be offensive.

How many sprays are required?

Onto the sprays. As you may expect, Tom Ford Ombre Leather is quite the powerhouse, so depending on the situation you may want to spray a little less.

Being Eau de parfum strength, for casual wear, you can get away with 2-3 sprays of Ombre Leather. You’ll leave a nice, fresh leathery scent trail behind you. this is also the number of sprays we would recommend for office wear. You can also get away with this amount of sprays if you’re wearing Ombre leather for a date

If you’re going to an event or you’re in colder weather, you may want one or two more sprays, to help the fragrance push out a bit more and get a bit more longevity. If you want even more power, simply spray on your clothes.


Now let’s take a foray into the different notes you can find in Tom Ford Ombre Leather.

Top Notes


Tom Ford has only officially listed one top note – Cardamom. Whilst you can sense a slightly sweet cardamom in the opening, you’ll mostly get the leather scent if we’re completely honest. But this cardamom note does help to round out the opening of Ombré Leather and bulk it out a bit. Aside from this cardamom, some people find they get a violet leaf smell in the opening as well, even though it isn’t listed.

Heart Notes


Jasmine sambac

After a few minutes, the real rich black leather scent starts to kick in and the mid notes start to appear. Again, the notes listed are only minimal, but you 100% will get the clean leather smell – kind of like a new leather jacket.

Whilst the leather can be quite heavy, it isn’t an overpowering, dusty old leather. The jasmine here helps add floral sweetness to the leather, helping to make an alluring and rugged leather scent that is surprisingly addictive.

Base Notes




Finally, after a few hours, the base of Ombré Leather kicks in, and it’s here where the more dense and dirty notes start to make their appearance. The leather jacket smell is still there, but the cleanness of the jasmine has faded and the addictive patchouli starts to set in. This is earthy a slightly animalic.

Alongside that wonderful patchouli is a rich and sweet amber. This amber is only slightly sweet but helps to keep Ombré Leather from being too dry. The moss accompanies this amber and patchouli to add a final layer of deep earthiness.


We’ve discussed the scent, let’s take a look at the performance:


Like many other leather scents, the sillage is great. Whilst not being absolutely massive, the slightly spicy leather scent will leave a wonderful trail around you for a good few hours, and after that, it dies down into a skin scent for a long time.


The longevity of the fragrance is also superb. Thanks to the denser notes in the composition, it lasts and lasts. After the fragrance has stopped projecting, you’ll still have the ombre leather smell as a skin scent for at least 10 hours, with the smooth leather note prominent.


This leather fragrance also doesn’t lack in the projection department. Whilst some other fragrances in Tom Ford’s collection sit closer to skin, Ombre Leather fires off of you. You can spray some on your wrist and you’ll get clear whiffs of it – it easily projects a good few meters. This is amplified in higher heat and you may need to take it easier on squirts if it’s a bit hotter outside.

Target Market

The target market for this is clearly males – although thanks to the perfume’s floral tones like jasmine, a woman who’s a bit more daring could pull it off so it could be a unisex scent.

Age-wise, it suits a slightly more mature audience, so 25 and up. Think of a working professional who wants to have a scent that has a slight edge. This doesn’t mean younger audiences or people in different jobs can’t wear it though – if you want to stand out a bit with your scent then it’s also great!

When to Wear

Ombre Leather has some versatility, although many people prefer to wear this when they want to impress and stand out. Although it could make a unique signature scent, it is a tiny bit out there, so it may be more suited towards events and outings.

Thanks to its longevity and performance, it’s perfectly suited for evenings out and dates – especially if you’re rocking the black jeans and leather jacket look. The slight edge it has is unique and fits this aesthetic well.

The cleaner facets like the jasmine also make it wearable to suit and tie situations if you want something with a bit more pizzazz than your standard blue fragrance that every other guy will be wearing.


This is where Ombre Leather absolutely shines. It’s incredibly unique, combining a leather fragrance with jasmine and cardamom to make something you don’t smell every day. The slightly higher price point of Tom Ford’s fragrances also ensures you won’t bump into other people who smell like that often, adding to the individuality.

Value For Money

Compared to Tom Ford’s other leather offerings – Private Blends Tuscan Leather and the original Ombre leather 16, This ombre leather is a really nice entry point. You can grab 50ml for under £100/$130 ish dollars if you shop around, which is a suitable price for the quality that you’re getting.

Pros & Cons


  • It’s a stand-out leather scent
  • The usual amazing Tom Ford Quality
  • Great performance
  • It’s quite versatile
  • You won’t smell like anyone else
  • Stunning bottle design


  • Ombre leather has a slightly higher price point than other designers
  • The sprayer isn’t the best

Similar Perfumes

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

The other big leather fragrance from the house is Tuscan leather, one of his private blend line. This adds a unique saffron note, a tart raspberry and a patchouli vetiver drydown in the base. It smells quite similar, except a little sweeter in the opening and with a denser dry down.

Parfums de Marly Godolphin

Another high-end alternative is Godolphin by PDM. This ramps up the spicy and fruity notes but still maintains a dominant suede smell throughout.

Our Verdict

Ombre Leather rightfully holds its reputation, being a unique and versatile fragrance that is an accessible entry into the world of Tom Ford. If you’re after a unique, strong and sexy suede-type scent, you should definitely check it out.

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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