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Tom Ford Oud Wood Perfume Review

Tom Ford Oud Wood Perfume Review

Tom Ford Oud Wood envelops you in luscious oud, and exudes absolute luxury. Launched in 2002, this fragrance hit the market and became one of the most popular Tom Ford fragrance on the market. Tom Ford has long had command over the market with his Tom Ford Fragrances, but the rich and dark blend this woody scent provides is unlike no other men’s fragrance.

If you are an oud fragrances lover, the exotic spices within the private blend collection will compete against your existing collection, and knowing why it has become so popular and a signature scent within Tom Ford’s collection is just as important.

Brand History

Designer Tom Ford after his birth in 1961, followed a unique path and preference for art, painting and design from a very young age. He wanted to start designing clothes from the age of 5, and would always rearrange furniture and his mothers clothes in a way to reflect different designs and change the mood of the home. Tom Ford’s parents always noticed his singular love for art and design and always supported him to follow his aspirations and ambitions all throughout his life.

It wasn’t until 1980 that Tom Ford actually managed to get more hands-on experience with design, when he began to earn a living by working on set shooting commercials. It was there that he created a design stylist portfolio, putting together various looks and inspirations for advertisements.

Once deciding to return to New York, he enrolled into the architecture class of Parsons Design school, and then centred on the Paris campus, to be immersed within the capital of fashion.

Networking and creating contacts, he first worked as a creative assistant to Cathy Hardwick, and then managed to land a job as a designer for Perry Ellis within New York just two years later. After building confidence, Tom Ford moved on to Milan, where he landed his biggest career progression to date-working for Gucci.

It was his take within the brand that brought Gucci out of management and marketing struggles over the years. His fresh take out Gucci back on the market, and he jumped very quickly from design director all the way to creative director in just 2 years.

It wasn’t until a decade later, when Tom Ford had built a huge reputation amongst celebrities and the fashion world, under the Gucci umbrella, Ford decided to take the plunge and launch his own brand which he founded in 2005. It was there that Ford expressed his artistic visions, quickly aligning menswear and womenswear fashion, eyewear, a beauty line and of course fragrances.

Perfume History

Ford’s fragrance love was not brought to life fully until he launched his own company within 2005. However, what many are not aware of, is Tom Ford fragrances were long thought of and dreamed of, before it ever was a reality. That is why from the moment of launch, Tom Ford quickly put together components within fragrance and beauty, to get the ball rolling, and curiously engaged with fragrance nose specialist, who he enthusiastically had by his side to learn the language of cologne and scent making.

Ford’s fragrance journey was always built upon the foundation of wanting perfumes to be as gender fluid as possible. Unisex perfume was a way of defying preconceived notions and controversy that has long surrounded gender. That is why all collections have always been distinguished as both male and female fragrances, despite the use of masculine and feminine notes within a scents makeup.

Just a year after launch the first fragrance was made available, Tom Ford Black Orchid in 2006. Ford’s fragrance quickly went mainstream with the deep Eau de Parfum performance, making the next perfumes to come openly welcomed by the fragrance community.

The private blend of fragrances were all launched at regular intervals from 2007 every other year or so, popular smelling scents include Amber absolute, Velvet Gardenia, Tobacco Vanilla, Tuscan Leather and of course, Oud Wood.

2007 welcomed the most releases for a combination of perfumes, with Tom Ford for Men, Tom Ford for men Extreme, and White Patchouli being released respectively. Each year consecutively saw all the signature Tom Ford perfumes come to life, with the latest release in 2022 being Tom Ford Bois Marocain.

Perfume Story

The fragrance story labels itself as an unapologetically gender neutral oud fragrance, that offers an oriental exploration for those that venture on the journey of taking on this perfume for themselves.

On the Tom Ford website, the labels the perfume as a blend of exuberant Chinese pepper, cardamom and rosewood. The purpose of the notes collation comes down to the want to warm up the wearer of this perfume, with smoky spice blends of oud, sandalwood and vetiver.

The private blend of this Tom Ford Oud Wood perfume wishes to offer an experience that perfume fanatics that takes the wearer in stages of appreciation for all the separate notes alchemised together as one.

Utilising the expertise of the perfume nose Richard Herpin, Tom Ford was able to bring singular smells for wear in one full bottle and adventure. Created with the expertise of connoisseurs with great reputation, Tom Ford Oud Wood was made to break the typical conventions of mainstream perfume making. This is why the smell offered by this rare oud is singular, versatile and unique, despite its collective years on the fragrance market.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The perfume bottle of Tom Ford Oud Wood, mimics the designs of all other Tom Ford fragrance collections, while the colour and ingrained calligraphy may be different, the basic design remains original and true to all other scents that have been created by Tom Ford.

The rare oud wood comes with a dark bottle, which essentially is a metaphor for the rich and dark blend that this perfume offers overall. Utilising similar simple expressions, the bottle is labelled again, similar to other perfumes in the collection, with a simple and not overly fussy font, that is mechanically engraved within the gold plate on the front of the bottle.

Considered possibly one of the most luxurious of all perfumes in the collection, the perfume offers a premium look overall, and stands out from others in the Private Blend collection.

Our Thoughts

This fragrance is a classic amongst perfume releases over the years. Tom Ford appealed to the collective need of an accessible and luxury oud scent on the market, and being that it delivered in such an early time many that have come and gone after its release in 2007, have not managed to take favourite, and this all comes down to the unique elements that make up the scent.

How many sprays are required?

Due to the strong performance that this fragrance offers, wearers can expect just to spritz on the major pulse points (around 6 in total), to get the best warmth out of the fragrance throughout the day.


Top Notes

Top notes offered by the Tom Ford Oud Wood perfume include Rosewood and Cardamom.

Heart Notes

The heart notes of the perfume include Sandalwood, spices, and Sichuan pepper.

Base Notes

The base notes of this perfume include the subtle sweetness of Tonka bean, Amber, and of course agarwood oud.



The sillage of this perfume is very strong, but not overpowering. Wearers will be able to smell the perfume on themselves all day, and the skin scent trail in the surrounding atmosphere and fabric lingers long after the initial first spray.


Oud Wood is a long lasting perfume that doesn’t disappoint. Being a heavy rosewood oud perfume, wearers can expect the perfume to linger for days on fabrics, as well as slowly easing off days after the first sprays. Its entirely a low maintenance perfume, making it very cost effective for the long term.


The projection of this perfume is enormous, and certainly meets the reputation that comes with typical oud based perfumes. The projection spreads across intimate and long distances, making it not one to disappoint at all.

Target Market

Due to the perfume story of Oud Wood being rather gender fluid, this perfume’s target market is vast and pretty open. However, being that it is a luxury item from the price it boasts, it is safe to say that this perfume is for those who can afford to pay luxury prices-making it an upper market scent.

When to Wear

The scent holds all day wear, with its blend of light and spicy accords. There isn’t a particular time of year that this scent should be worn, however due to its large projection, it would be the ideal perfume to wear on a night out, to get all the attention, and be smelled from all directions.


Tom Ford Oud Wood operates as a very singular and signature perfume within the collection. The idea that the scent blends sweet and spicy accords puts this perfume in a new light of fragrances, and explains why this perfume immediately took shine upon its release more than a decade ago. Years down the line and this smooth perfume has built a great reputation that never ceases to end.

Value For Money

Being that the fragrance is almost $700 for the largest bottle, this is certainly an upmarket buy for anyone looking to get their hands on a luxury fragrance. Regardless of the price, it is a resinous one, meaning you can expect this perfume to really last throughout the day, without much top-ups needed. This is definitely a good thing, and means you can keep your bottle fuller for longer!


  • The scent is unique and offers a very warm luxurious aura when wearing it.
  • It is long lasting and can be smelled long after the first sprays on skin and fabric.
  • A very regal and elegant perfume.


  • It is extremely expensive, and quite a niche buy if you are wanting to buy the smaller cheaper sizes.
  • Maybe too masculine a scent to wear for some females.

Similar Perfumes

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Our Verdict

Its pretty clear that Tom Ford certainly did create a signature scent that is not going anywhere, despite the years since the initial launch. What is so unique about the scent is the equilibrium balance between floral accords, that are almost light and cloud-like, with heavier more resinous textures such as the oud and amber. Nevertheless the alchemy of the perfume works very well, and no element overpowers one another at all, so the blend remains very pleasant and equally subtle all day.

One thing that could be a huge turn off of course, is the price, and judging by the fact that smaller sizes which are cheaper are exceptionally hard to locate, you may just have to splurge on the larger size to get your hands on this.


0/5 Bottle
0/5 Scent
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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