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Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Perfume Review

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Review

Are you after more details about a masterpiece fragrance? Then look no further as you’re about to find out everything you need to know and more about Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, one of the most hyped gourmand fragrances on the planet.

You;re going to get the full lowdown about Tobacco Vanille. From the history of Tom Ford and the perfume itself, to all of the notes, the performance and even when, where and how to wear it. Lets begin:

Brand History

Tom Ford is one of the biggest perfume houses in the game, offering an affordbale range of fragrances in his signature blend collection as well as higher end niche perfumes in his private blend line.

He originally started his career in the fashion world, working for the brand Perry Ellis before getting his big break with Gucci. It was at Gucci that he found his feet in the world of fragrance, creating two seminal releases with YSL’s M7 and Gucci Pour Homme.

This knack for creating perfumes saw Tom Ford creating his own fragrance line in 2005 and rleasing his first perfume for this brand – Black Orchid. In time, he split his fragrances into the two seperate lines, with the Private Blends having the higher end, niche offering like Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather, Neroli Portofino, Amber Absolute and Velvet Gardenia.

Perfume History

Wanting to ceate a timeless gourmand fragrance that was different to the cloying sweetness of fragrances around at the time, Tom Ford rbought in master perfumer Olivier Gillotin as the creative director and devise a modern take on the classic note of tobacco.

The end result was an absolutely masterful scent that combines tobacco, spices, vanilla and more. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille was released in 2007 and quickly received critical acclaim thanks to the incredible blending skills and masterful composition.

Perfume Story

The creative brief for Tobacco vanille was to create a warm fragrance that simply oozes opulence whilst also having a scent that could be classed as iconic. The combination of sweet wood sap, creamy tonka bean, smooth tobacco leaf and other spices creates an incredibly distinct aroma that has since been dubbed the ‘Tobacco Vanille smell’. Its incredible reminiscent of an English gentleman’s club thanks to the rich tobacco and spice notes.

Interestingly, the whole of the Private Blends line is designed for layering with each other to create unique scents and smells. This was designed as a strong base that could have other, lighter fragrances in the line combined with it.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

As with all of Tom Fords fragrances, the presentation is sheer luxury. The Private blend collection has bottles themed off of the shape of chess pieces. This leads to the now iconic yet strikingly simple presentation of the bottles.

Tobacco vanille has a tobacco brown bottle, with the name of the fragrance proudly displayed on the front in a gold plaque. The bottle is very impressive and would look nice proudly sitting on a dresser or shelf.

But this bottle also has the common problem that’s found in Tom Ford fragrances – the sprayer. It isn’t the best – it usually takes a few squirts of the sprayer to get any juice out.

Our Thoughts

Tobacco Vanille is another one of those fragrances you just have to smell at some point. It’s so unique and NEVER what anyone expects when they smell it. The brash cloves and spices at the start take you by surprise, then a few hours later you have this absolutely stunning dry down which is where the hype comes from – no other fragrance can quite match it.

I absolutely love the way this smells and it’s a winter go to. In my eyes, this deserves all of the praise it gets – the blending quality here is almost unsurpassed. Each of the stages of Tobacco Vanille effortlessly weave into each other, right from the first spray.

How many sprays are required?

Let’s get into how you should wear Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and notes about spraying for certain situations.

Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille is a monster and leaves a heady impression no matter the occasion, so take it easy with sprays. Day to day wear or signature scent, you want 2 spritzes around the neck. Maybe 3 in the colder months.

This goes the same for dates and special occasions. Take it very easy – the opening is incredibly strong cloves which can quickly get overpowering until it dries down. If you’re at an event that’s outside or in a well ventilated room, then you can go with 3 squirts, but please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t go more than 3!

Summer months or trips to the gym? Forget about Tobacco Vanille. Simply wait until it’s colder, this thing does NOT play well with the heat, at all. But as soon as that first winter breeze kicks in, you’re good to go.


Top Notes

Tobacco Leaf

Spicy Notes

Tobacco Vanille kicks the initial opening off with a band. The first thing that your going to smell is an absolute assault on your nostrils of rich spices and dry tobacco leaf. These spices contain cloves, which is what makes this opening so potent. There is absolutely no sweetness in the opening, which can put some people off. Many people are instantly put off by thedull smelling, brash, spicy opening. But you need faith, because the drydown is more than worth it.

Heart Notes



Tonka Bean

Tobacco blossom

The opening of Tobacco Vanille lasts for quite a while – I get an hour of the spicyness, with the sweeter facets coming though slowly. This sweet vanilla sweetness starts to creep in, supported by a very dry dark chocolate smell from the cocoa.

To make this even sweeter, the mid also starts developing into a tobacco flower back up by a tonka bean. After about 2 hours, Tobacco Vanille morphs into it’s show stopping phase, with all of the sweeter notes present and in full gear. It’s this phase that is what all the Tobacco Vanille hype is about and has people rolling their eyes into the back of their head.

Base Notes

Dried Fruits

Woody Notes

Finally, you get the dry down, containing some dry fruit accords which add even more sweetness and the wood elements. The dried fruits are akin to the dried fruit accords you’d find in mulled wine spice mix, so some people get a christmas vibe in this stage from these dry fruit accords. The woods aren’t too dry, they’re more like sweet wood sap, again helping to elevate the sweetness of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille without making it too sweet.



The sillage of Tobacco Vanille is absolutely spot on. Whilst not being ‘open the windows and turn on some fans’ strong, it leaves an incredible sweet yet spicy trail behind you wherever you go. In the winter and with a nice breeze you will have this thick, creamy tonka bean and spicy tobacco trail that you’ll be able to smell wherever you walk, it’s simply delightful.


Another department where Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille sn’t lacking – longevity. If you spray this on skin, you’re getting an easy 18 hours, with 10 of those having good projection and the other 8 having Tobacco Vanille simmer into a more tame scent.

You’ll be able to smell the sweet spicyness on you until you shower, it’s that strong. Spray it on clothes? You’re talking at least a week of the opulent and rich scent. Tobacco Vanille may well be an eau de parfum, but it performs better than many other EDP’s i’ve tried!


Going 3 for 3, the projection of Tobacco Vanille is stellar for what it’s designed to be for. It projects a good 2-3 feet for the first few hours, with this radius slowly getting closer over the rest of the day. It may be wise to spray this an hour or two before you’re heading out, as with the projection and the spicy opening, it could be too strong.

Target Market

The target market for Tobacco Vanille is men, although if you’re a woman who’s into her masculine scents, it could be unisex. The spicy opening is very harsher and could be hard for some women to pull off.

Age wise, you have to be a bit older to pull this one off – at least 25. The tobacco notes are very ‘grown up’ and I can’t imagine alot of 18 year olds want to go around university smelling like a dry, classic tobacco and spice with a hint of vanilla.

When to Wear

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is made for colder weather. It absolutely dominates the winter months, so it’s the perfect scent during winter and autumn.

For a signature scent and office wear, it can work but you need to go very light on the sprays. The clovey opening in a confined space is a recipe for disaster, so just take it easy on the trigger.

Date nights is the other perfect situation to wear Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. The sweeter notes are incredibly seductive whilst the sipces help add an edge. Just don’t go too crazy with the sprays or else you’ll be choking your date.


As with many of the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection, there’s top marks for individuality. Firstly, the fragrance is quite pricey, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll bump into someone else wearing this.

Secondly, not many other perfumes combine the spicy and sweet elements of Tobacco flower, vanilla, dried fruits and spices to create a powerful impression as good as this. The quality is next to none so even if someone is wearing a spicy sweet fragrance, I doub’t it’ll smell as good as Tobacco Vanille.

Value For Money

Here is where things fall off a bit for Tobacco Vanille eau de parfum. It’s an expensive purchase, with 100ml setting you back £260/$300 ish. This isn’t your blind buy type of fragrance – you need to get a decant and have a serious wear and think about this one.

But is it worth the money? For the sheer quality, scent and performance, I honestly think it is. You only need a few sprays and you’re set for the day and night – It’s going to last. But you can only wear it during the colder months and for certain occasions, which limits it’s versatility.

Pros & Cons


  • Some of the best blending you’ll ever smell
  • Absolutely stellar performance
  • Incredible scent
  • Get’s compliments
  • Uniqueness


  • High price
  • Only really wearable in the cold/certain occasions
  • Sprayer isn’t amazin

Similar Perfumes

Other fragrances that give a similar vibe to Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille:

Viktor and Rolf Spice Bomb Extreme

Think of this as the budget version of the Tom Ford. The quality is noway near as good and Spicebomb extreme leans more into the spices than the sweet vanilla drydown, but it does have great performance and is in the same ballpark as Tobacco Vanille when it comes to scent.

Mac Velvet Teddy

Relatively unknown, this has the same direction as Tom Fords Tobacco Vanille, except way, way sweeter. The tobacco notes are all made sweeter and the spices are changed for ginger. There is a wonderful honey added though. This is a bit more feminine than Tobacco Vanille aswell.

Our Verdict

As you can probably tell by this Tobacco Vanille review, The scent is a masterpiece for a reason. With absolutely second to none blending, wonderful notes and being a powerhouse in the performace department, you can easily see why Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille gets the reputation it does.

/50 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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