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Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Review

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Perfume Review

One of the most popular leather fragrances on the market today, Tom Ford Tuscan leather has a heavy reputation. Brought to the masses by the song ‘Tuscan Leather’ by Canadian rapper Drake, Tuscan Leather has been hailed a success by critics and normal people alike.

In this review of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, we’re here to see if it really does live up to the hype. You’ll discover everything you need to know and more, so let’s get into it.

Brand History

Firstly, a quick overview of the brand itself. Tom Ford started his illustrious career working for Perry Ellis, before getting a job at Gucci. It was at Gucci that he found his footing with perfumery, helping to make the brand into the billion-dollar empire it is now.

Tom Ford was the creative director for some now classic perfumes whilst working at Gucci – YSL m7 and the iconic Gucci Pour Homme II. Realizing his talent, he started his own fragrance brand in 2005, releasing Black Orchid a year later.

Perfume History

With Tom Ford splintering his main fragrances into two lines – the Signature Collection and the Private blend collection, he needed a powerhouse leather fragrance in his private blends. He knew he wanted something with smooth, voluptuous qualities but was still hard-hitting.

He knew he needed strong creative direction, so he brought in two master perfumers who were at the top of their game – Henry Fremont and Jacques Cavallier- and got to work. combining softer notes such as raspberry and jasmine to offset the dense leather in the fragrance, it was released to critical claim and even had songs written about it.

Perfume Story

Combining an almost primal leather and deep black suede with the cleanliness of night-blooming jasmine, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is inspired by Tom Ford’s love of fine leather – and it’s harder to get finer than leather from Tuscany.

The creative direction for Tuscan Leather was to create a leather fragrance that’s unashamedly raw yet still holds a sensual and sophisticated edge. The success of Tuscan Leather saw an Intense version released as a flanker, with this intense version adding animal notes.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The Private Blend range of Tom Ford Fragrances has very distinctive bottles that just ooze the luxury aspect of the brand. Coming in a dark brown bottle that was inspired by chess pieces, the front gold plaque proudly displays Tuscan Leather. The logo is etched onto the lid as another nice, subtle touch.

Overall the presentation is the typical Tom Ford classiness that makes this look good no matter where you place it in your house.

Our Thoughts

Tuscan Leather really is genre-defining, bringing out the best qualities of a leather fragrance whilst not just being pure leather. When I wore this out on a night out, it instantly caught people’s attention – it’s a real attention grabber that pulls no punches.

How many sprays are required?

Right, onto the sprays you need. Tuscan Leather is no joke – no matter the occasion, you want to take it lightly with sprays. For casual situations and as a signature smell, 2-3 sprays max. It’s a very potent fragrance and you don’t want to be suffocating people wherever you go!

For colder days and date nights, you can get away with 1 or 2 more sprays – the cold weather will help to tame Tuscan Leather a little.

Finally, you probably don’t want to rock this when it’s hot outside or at the gym. It’s a very heavy and dense fragrance and really doesn’t work very well in the heat.


Top Notes




Right up at the top of Tuscan Leather Eau de parfum You immediately have a vibrant and zingy opening of tart raspberry and the slightly herbal thyme. These two notes are complimented by the saffron, which helps the opening pack a punch. You do get a tiny bit of that leather note in the opening, but it isn’t yet the dominant note.

Interestingly, thanks to the combination of saffron, raspberry, and leather, some people perceive a cocaine note. This is how the famous ‘smelling like a brick’ lyric by Drake came about.

Middle Notes



Tuscan Leather is a particularly complex fragrance. I feel like there are more notes than actually listed here in the mid.

Once the first phase has settled, the leather continues to push through, but more balsamic notes like olibanum poke their head in. This is an incense-type note that helps give Tuscan Leather its animalistic scent. Along with that, you have the clean jasmine to help balance out the animalistic scent.

Base Notes



Woody Facets


Now we get to the party – the base of Tuscan Leather. Here is where all of the stronger facets start to push through, with the black suede and leather note being incredibly strong. The woods help give the leather accord a backbone, whilst the amber plays off of the leather and suede as well to add just a small sweet touch.



The sillage of Tuscan Leather is just a notch below nuclear. It’s strong, potent stuff and when you walk around you’ll leave a trail that is dominated by almost a single accord – leather. The sillage follows you around and is a testament to just how much of a powerhouse this is.


Again, nothing to be trifled with here. You’re going to get a solid 8 hours of decent sillage before Tuscan Leather even thinks of turning into a skin scent. After that, the fragrance slowly starts to work its way closer to the skin, with the skin scent lasting into the next day if you don’t wash it off.


Tuscan leather ticks all 3 marks for performance. The projection is very good, but not so much that it’ll offend people. For the first few hours will have a heavy projection on this, with smoky leather being the main smell. After that, it simmers down a bit but is still very much detectable.

Target Market

Whilst being classed as unisex, Tuscan Leather is a very masculine scent. The darker dominant notes and the leather accords are what sway it into ‘men’s scent’ territory, but a daring woman could pull it off.

It’s a very mature scent, so would suit a slightly older gent who is confident and knows what he wants. You have to have confidence with Tuscan Leather or it really does wear you!

When to Wear

You can get away with this in the office, but you really need to take it easy on the trigger. It’s more suited towards formal occasions, special events, and nighttime activities – it’s a head-turner and designed to announce your presence.

You DEFINITELY shouldn’t spray this on when it’s blistering hot outside. there are very few leather fragrances that work in heat… and this isn’t one of them.


When it comes to uniqueness, Tuscan Leather is an incredibly unique scent. Whilst the fragrance family of leather fragrances does have plenty of scents available, there are not many that have this great modern spin. It exudes such elegance with its luxurious composition, making its wearer smell rich, and you can really sense the quality of the different facets. Tuscan Leather is also quite pricey, so you’ll be hard-pressed to bump into someone else blasting the same gorgeous leather

Value For Money

This is where Tuscan Leather is quite divisive. Some people think it’s overpriced for what it is – essentially a refined leather fragrance with animalic and clean facets. Whilst there are cheaper fragrances out there, you’re really paying for the Tom Ford quality, insane performance, and incredible composition, which can be worth it for some people.

Pros & Cons


  • Has insane performance
  • A very unique scent, combining clean, dirty, and animalic.
  • Incredibly smooth
  • Classy presentation
  • Excellent choice for formal occasions


  • High price tag
  • Not good if you don’t like leather
  • Not too versatile

Similar Perfumes

Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Ombre Leather is in the same genre as Tuscan Leather, available in the Signature Collection. With a much lower price tag, it smells about 60% the same, leaning into more mass-appealing facets. The main differences that I can smell are the addition of smooth cardamom and earthy patchouli.

Rasasi La Yuqawam

Often seen as a clone of Tuscan Leather, La Yuqawam takes its own direction. Adding more fruit to the top of the fragrance and not quite as potent, it’s a bit cheaper than Tuscan Leather and the quality isn’t

Our Verdict

Tuscan Leather is one of the best leather fragrances I’ve personally ever worn. If you want to smell rich, good, dark, and mysterious, then it’s a clear choice for higher-end nights out and social occasions. It may be a bit too niche for daily wear thanks to the composition, but it’s an interesting pick for situations when you can wear it.

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Smell
0/5 Silage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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