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Versace Dylan Blue Perfume Review

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme Perfume Review

Ever wondered what Versace Dylan blue pour Homme smells like and if it lives up to the huge hype it has? well, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the supposed ‘Sauvage killer’. You’re going to find out all about the fragrance itself – including what it smells like and the notes, the history, hold it holds up and we’ll even suggest some similar perfumes you can enjoy.

Brand History

Versace is a very well-known fragrance house that started life with Gianni Versace. The brand adopted a Medusa head as its logo and since the brand has risen in the fashion world this logo has become synonymous with the brand.

It was only natural for Versace to move into the world of fragrance world with their own line of fragrances. These perfumes started with Versace pour femme line and quickly moved into a Versace pour Homme line to accommodate men.

Over time this Versace pour Homme range expanded and included their first runaway hits, Versace The Dreamer and Blue Jeans. Thanks to the success of these scents, Versace ventured deeper into men’s scents with Versace Pour Homme and released Versace Dylan Blue pour Homme being released in 2016.

Perfume History

The main inspiration for the addition of Dylan Blue was the success of Dior’s Sauvage. Versace didn’t have any decent fresh blue scents and so drafted in the most successful perfumer of all time – Alberto Morillas – to create their version of a sporty blue frag that could compete with Dior’s blockbuster.

The fragrance was released in the Versace Pour Homme collection and quickly garnered a lot of attention. Many found it a great and less abrasive alternative to Diors blue scent, with some people preferring Dyland Blue to Diors scent.

Perfume Story

The shocking thing about Dylan Blue by Versace is that there isn’t really much of a story. Versace just realised they needed a solid perfume that could combat Dior, so didn’t put too much creative thought into Dylan Blue. The blue category of frags was just in its infancy, so there was plenty of space for Versace to flex its muscles – and that they did.

Alberto Morillas wanted to take the best aspects of Diors smash hit and tweak them. Keep the cleanliness, nuclear performance, and addictive black pepper & ambroxan scent whilst rounding out the smell and making it less in your face.

The official story of the perfume is extremely similar to Sauvage, being created to capture the Versace man of today – charismatic, bold and strong.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The bottle of Dylan Blue is the typical dark blue colour, which is both fitting for its name and also another nod to the mediterranean sea, a motif for Versace. The bottle is the same shape as other in the pour Homme line, with a rectangular shape and gold medusas head emblem on the front and cap. The cap is nice and weighty and lets you know the quality that went into the presentations.

The sprayer is absolutely fantastic. Each squirt gives you a decent throw with nice coverage – something I personally like to see.

Our Thoughts

Dylan Blue is no doubt a solid fragrance. As we’ll get into, the performance is incredible and the versatility of the fragrance is next to none. You can get away with it anywhere! It’s also super easy to like and get compliments from, so if you’re after a fragrance that gets comments, you’re in luck with Dylan Blue – The very first time I ever wore this, I was asked by 3 different people what I was wearing.

How many sprays are required?

Now we’ll move on to how you should spray Versace Homme Dylan Blue for the best results. Casual wear is an easy one – 2-3 sprays around the neck and maybe one to the chest if you’re feeling yourself. It’s quite a strong fragrance so this will do you for most casual situations such as going to meet friends.

Office and work-type situations only require 3 sprays max, especially if you’re in an enclosed environment. The freshness of the scent will leave a nice trail behind you that your co-workers will most likely comment on!

But what about date night? With date night, if you’re in a more intimate environment you only want 2 sprays. It can be a bit of a powerhouse and if you heat up whilst you’re inside, the scent is going to fire off of you. So take it a bit easier on the trigger and you’ll still smell sexy & sophisticated.

The same goes for hot or warm days – easy on the sprays with Dylan Blue. You don’t want to choke everyone around you out. On cold days though, you can spray with almost wild abandon – 3-5 sprays and you’ll be set for the entire day.


Top Notes

Calabrian bergamot


Aquatic Notes

Fig Leaf

The first thing you’ll notice in the opening sprays is just how bright the top notes of Dylan Blue are – it’s like a jolt to your sense. The zingy citrus smell from grapefruit and bergamot is extremely noticeable, but they’re also a slight sweetness from the fig leaves. The aquatic notes are mainly in the background and quite weak, but you can sniff a slight saltiness, which has to be from these aquatic notes.

Heart Notes


Black pepper


Violet leaf

Papyrus wood

As soon as the bright & fresh opening has toned down – about a few minutes – the middle notes of the fragrance start to kick in. The dominating note is ambroxan, which is a slight ambery synthetic note. This is accompanied by a wonderful black pepper which gives it an incredibly addictive combination, leaving an alluring scent that pushes off of the skin.

There are ‘tinges’ of the other notes at play – you get a slight (very slight) petrol note from the violet leaf and these violet leaves are there to help add a slight edge to the heart. Finally, you get a slightly woody and earthy feeling thanks to the woody papyrus and beautiful patchouli.

Base Notes



Tonka bean


The base is where the party really starts. Once the ambroxan dries down, you get this stunning sweet and clean base. The ambroxan is still there, helping the scent push out, but you get a smoky sweet combination joining the fray, thanks to the incense and tonka bean.

The musk isn’t the dirty musk you can find in other scents, it’s more a mineral musk that helps keep the summery aquatic feel of the fragrance. This musk is balanced absolutely perfectly with the saffron, which gives it a cleaner edge and rounds out this final phase perfectly.



The sillage of Dylan Blue is incredible. You’ll be surrounded by this clean, damn good-smelling scent bubble wherever you go. It fires off of skin and gets a good few meters of sillage behind you – you can take confidence knowing you smell good wherever you go.


Another similarity to Dior’s token blue perfume is its longevity. Dylan Blue does not fade away without a fight. Once you get down to the heart of the scent, it LASTS. And by while we mean at least 7 hours. It sticks to you and just does not quit. This is most likely down to the ambroxan, which is well known to help boost longevity.


Projection is yet again hit out of the park by Dyland Blue. It absolutely fires off of your skin, surrounding you in a 2-3 metre wall of fresh, clean scent. One thing that may happen is nose blindness. So you think the frag has gone away when in reality, it’s right there but your nose has just got used to it. Have faith – Dylan Blue is still there!

Target Market

The target market for Dyland Blue is without a doubt men – and younger men at that. The fragrance is extremely clean, vibrant and youthful and it’s one of the few frags I personally think an older man can’t pull off – it’s just too playful.

18-30-year-olds can get away with it anywhere though and it makes an incredible signature fragrance, thanks to the huge versatility of the scent.

When to Wear

Anyplace, anytime. Seriously, it’s that versatile. It can be a gym scent, an office scent, a date night pick, casual occasion wear and even more dressed-up wear. Versace Dylan Blue is an absolute chameleon of a scent and smells good no matter the occasion.


Whilst Dylan Blue is perfect for any occasion, it does smell like quite a few other frags, so if you’re big on not smelling like anyone else, you may want to give it a miss. It’s a very good blue frag, but with a multitude of other blue fragrances heavy in ambroxan flooding the market, it’s highly likely someone else will have a scent with a similar vibe.

Value For Money

Value-wise, Versace Dylan Blue gets top marks. You can get it for pretty cheap nowadays – around £50/$65 for 100ml and that 100ml will last for ages thanks to the strength. Is Versace Dylan Blue worth buying? if you can snag yourself a deal, 100%!

Pros & Cons


  • Very, Very hard not to like
  • Extremely good performance
  • Fires off of you – everyone will smell you
  • Compliment magnet


  • Smells similar to other fragrances
  • Can go nose blind

Similar Perfumes

Dior Sauvage

This is the inspiration for Dylan Blue, so it’s very similar with a few changes. Diors blockbuster is more abrasive, peppery and much less sweet than Dylan Blue. If you’re after a grown-up version of Dylan Blue, you may want to give this one a look.

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct

If you like Dylan Blue but want a slightly woodier take, First Instinct is a great alternative. It retains the DNA but tones down the ambroxan and adds sandalwood.

Our Verdict

We’re a huge fan of Dylan Blue and think it’s worth the hype – thanks to its performance and incredible versatility. You can pretty much wear it for any occasion, making it a great dumb reach when you know you need to smell good.

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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