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Versace Eros Parfum Review

Versace Eros Parfum Review

Versace Eros Parfum Review

Versace Eros Parfum is the latest release in the Eros line by Versace – but is it any good? That’s what we’re going to take a look at in this review – everything from the performance to the history of this new release in the iconic line from Versace.

Brand & Perfume History

Versace has been a giant in the fashion industry since its creation in 1978. Offering clothing, accessories, and more, the brand ventured into perfumes in the ’90s and never looked back.

Versace Eros eau de toilette was released in 2012 and received hit reviews, quickly becoming the go-to clubbing scent. It was strong, sweet, and different. Thanks to its success it helped Versace launch a range of flankers, with the Parfum version released in 2021.

Perfume Story

Want to keep the original DNA but add a slight twist, Versace brought in creative director Aurelien Guichard and got to work making subtle changes to the formulation. They stripped some of the notes whilst adding some notes, coming up with a stronger and more potent version of the original. Combining mystic woody notes with cool citrus sparkles and a sweet base, as Versace themselves put it “The magnificent perfumer’s calligraphy created an amazing and luminous scent.”

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The bottle of Versace Eros Parfum is identical to the original with a few small changes. Coming in a deeper blue than the original, it’s a nice, simple square shape donning the traditional Medusa head Versace logo.

The lid has a nice heavy feel to it and also dons the Medusa logo. Sprayer-wise, you’ll get a great, even misting every time, another plus point.

Our Thoughts

Versace Eros stumbled upon a very good DNA in the original Versace Eros. It’s incredibly hard to like, combining different notes that everyone loves. The parfum takes this and slightly improves it with a smoother and more refined blend.

How many sprays are required?

Whilst Versace Eros Eau de toilette was strong, this thing can be a monster, so you want to be quite conservative in your sprays. Most situations will warrant about 2-3 sprays. This will cover you for a solid 6-10 hours whilst not becoming too overbearing.

Colder days will need a few more sprays, so you can go up to 5. The cold will really bring the sweeter notes out and see Eros lasting longer, but not projecting as much.


Top Notes



You immediately get that bright, citrus opening of the original. You have the clean mint supported by the bright lemon, both of which really pop. I also detect some clary sage which adds a nice aromatic element, although it isn’t listed. This opening of citrus notes and sage doesn’t last long though – a few minutes – before the mid kicks in.

Heart Notes

Green Apple


The mid is where a hint of fresh floral facets kick in. You have a juicy, sweet green apple that starts the sweetness off, with the geranium adding the floral quality. This isn’t ultra feminine though, as the sweet green apple in Eros Parfum keeps things manly.

Base Notes

Tonka Bean


Finally, after about an hour of the mid, the drydown starts to swing in effect. This is the famous sweet tonka bean and amber that people fall in love with. Eros Parfum has a slightly sweeter tonka note than the original, but the amber is pretty much the same. Some people get a dark, almost leather-like accord in the drydown as well.



The sillage of this fragrance is fantastic, especially in the drydown. It’s powerful, but not overly so. You get a decent scent trail behind you for a good few feet when this thing is in full effect which will turn heads.


The fragrance longevity is also next level. You can tell this is a more amped-up version of the original since you can get an easy 24 hours+ of longevity. Of course, only about 6 hours of that will have Eros Parfum firing off of you, but you’ll smell it on your skin for a long time after.


Projection is also no joke – no surprises there. The first few hours have it projecting pretty crazily and if you go overboard on the sprays you risk choking people out. It dies down after this though becoming a more subtle scent.

Target Market

This one could be unisex, but leans more towards a masculine fragrance. The sweetness could be pulled off by a female who’s a bit daring. But overall, the composition leans more toward men.

Age-wise, this fragrance would suit a slightly younger man, thanks to its playfulness. It’s dominated by sweeter facets which an older man could find hard to pull off.

When to Wear

This is a massive nighttime and winter hit. It absolutely shines in these situations, thanks again to the sweetness. Summer days and hotter environments will find the tonka becoming a bit cloying, so it may be wise to steer clear here or go very light on the sprays.

You could get away with it as signature scent wear or in casual situations, but again you’ll need to be careful with your sprays as Eros can quickly become too sickly.


The apple, mint, and tonka combo still isn’t too copied, so you will smell quite unique. It’s quite the head turner, especially in the dry down, so you’ll also get positive reactions. The original Eros was quite common when it was first released but since the hype has gone down it’s not worn as much, so you’re pretty safe when it comes to someone wearing the same fragrance.

Value For Money

Eros is a fragrance that could be classed as ‘average’ when it comes to value. Whilst it’s a great fragrance in its own right, it still isn’t that cheap thanks to the fact that it’s quite a new release and doesn’t have that many offers available.

if you can grab this in some sort of offer – sub £60/$72 for 100ml, you’re golden. At the full price though and it’s distinctly ‘meh’ in terms of value.

Pros & Cons


  • The incredible drydown
  • full of inoffensive facets
  • great for winter + night time
  • Nice looking bottle
  • Superb performance
  • Very well balanced and blended


  • Doesn’t suit the summer
  • Quite similar to the EDT, which is cheaper
  • Sweetness may be too much for some people

Similar Perfumes

Versace Eros EDT

versace Eros EDT smells very similar and obviously uses the same DNA as the Parfum. If you want a weaker version of Eros Parfum for cheaper, grab this.

Parfums de Marly Layton

Layton by Parfums de Marly is ike a very high-end version of Eros that has been refined. This has an incredible caradamom note that is just to die for, but also takes the apple facets and has sweetness from the madagascar vanilla you’ll find.

Our Verdict

Eros Parfum is a solid release in the line and if you like a lot of sweetness, this could be for you. If you’ve smelled the original and just wished it was a bit stronger, Eros Parfum pretty much takes the original winning DNA and amps it up to 11. If you can find a deal, this could be an absolutely stellar addition to your collection.

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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