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Versace Eros Perfume Rview

Versace Eros Perfume Rview

Versace Eros is an eau de toilette that quickly became known as the king of clubbing when it was released back in 2012 – But does it still hold that hype, or has another fragrance taken over? In this Versace Eros review we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about the original Eau de toilette that’s known as a prime compliment getter, as well as some details about the Versace Eros EDP flanker that came out later.

Let’s get into this review with a short history lesson on Versace itself and then go deep into the perfume itself.

Brand History

Gianna Versace created an Italian fashion house in the late 70s and ran it until his death when other family members took over operations. The fashion side of the company took off and was loved by many celebrities, including Elton John.

Versace launched its first ever fragrance, Gianni Versace eau de toilette for Women, in 1981 and since then has released a number of great fragrances, Eros being one of its biggest sellers for men.

Perfume History

Donatella Versace approached perfumer Aurelien Guichard, who had worked with the likes of Robert Piguet & Ego Facto, with an interesting concept – a fragrance based on one of the gods in Greek Mythology – Eros. Eros is the Greek god of Love, sex, and passion in their mythology, a great idea when it comes to fragrances.

The original composition is a combination of fresh, sweet, and woody notes to create a totally unique fragrance. The face of Versace Eros is Brian Shimansky, with Versace trying to capture the feeling of a man being passionate and fighting for what he wants.

With the success of Eros, two flankers were released: Eros Flame and Eros EDP.

Perfume Story

As we stated above, the whole inspiration Donatella Versace took for Versace Eros Eau de Toilette is passion, love, and a man who is his own master. The Greeks were known for their unique lust for life and the design of the fragrance encapsulates that very well. The playful sweetness juxtaposes nicely against the green notes to strongly resemble the ethos of Greek times – Strong yet playful and passionate.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The bottle of Versace Eros was designed by Donatella Versace and is a square shape, with gold lettering and gold piping around the lid. There are very luxurious vibes and the token Medusa head is front and center – on both the front of the bottle and the lid.

The bottle is a rich blue color. This rich turquoise color represents the Mediterranean Sea, the coast of Greece. Adorning the sides of Medusa’s head are Frieze patterns from architecture in Ancient Greece, which is another nice touch to add to the Ancient Greek feel.

Overall is a solid bottle and will get second looks from friends and family members when they pass by your cabinet or shelf.

Our Thoughts

Versace Eros – both the Versace Eros EDT and Versace Eros EDP – are really solid fragrances. The sweetness is playful and attracts attention whilst the other elements are perfectly balanced to keep it just serious enough so that the sweetness isn’t cloying.

When it comes to men’s fragrances, Versace Eros is up there as being an almost essential scent, as it’s incredibly hard to dislike and easy to wear.

How many sprays are required?

Versace Eros is quite a strong fragrance, so no matter the occasion you want to go light on the trigger. The fragrance contains ambroxan, which is quite a thick synthetic note. It’s this note that gives Eros EDT great longevity, meaning you need fewer sprays.

If you wear it casually or to the office, 2-3 sprays will be enough. This way the smell of Versace Eros won’t be suffocating everyone out in your vicinity. If you’re on a date, a night out, or in colder weather, then you can probably get away with slightly more sprays – 3-5. Hotter weather will require fewer sprays as some of the sweet notes can get cloying in the heat.


Now we’re going to break down what the notes of Versace Eros EDT contain:

Top Notes


Green apple


The very first thing you’ll get when you first spray Versace Eros is the fresh mint leaves – it’s unmistakable. The citrus note of Italian lemon zest and green apple top notes help balance out the mint to make it a bit zingier and not as overpowering.

Heart Notes

Tonka bean


Geranium flower

After a few minutes, the middle notes start to settle in. The mint notes die down and very slight flower notes start to unveil themselves, thanks to the Geranium. This is accompanied by a strong sweetness thanks to the tonka bean, and the ambroxan is more like a supporting molecule to help the fragrance push out and last longer than the kind of ambery smell you get from something like Sauvage.

Base Notes

Madagascan vanilla

Virginian cedar

Atlas cedar


Oak moss

Finally, after an hour or two depending on your skin, you get the show-stopping base notes. The minty smell dries down and disappears, leaving an inviting sweet scent. The vanilla is the main player here, with a quality vanilla note being prominent. The different woody notes – Virginia cedarwood, Atlas cedarwood, and vetiver – all help support the vanilla and aren’t too prominent. Finally, the oak moss adds just a touch of earthiness to really round out the fragrance and help it smell good.


But what about the performance of Versace Eros EDT? Let’s find out – we’ve separated performance into 3 categories: Sillage, Longevity, and Projection.


The sillage is to absolutely die for. You’ll be followed by a sweet apple sillage cloud of sexiness for a good few hours. It’s incredibly noticeable and Eros EDT will garner compliments thanks to its sweetness.


Versace Eros eau de toilette spray is just a notch below beast mode. a few squirts in the morning will last all day long- thanks to the ambroxan and vanilla, it sticks incredibly well to the skin.

The fragrance was designed for clubbing, so it can also stand the test of surviving a full night of dancing away in a hot and sweaty nightclub.


In a strange turn of events, since Versace Eros was first released in 2012, it’s been reformulated to make it stronger, which you don’t see very often. Thanks to this formulation, the projection is really, really good. Your friends will be able to smell the crisp green apple and vanilla from a few feet away and if you’re in a hot environment that only helps push the smell out further!

Target Market

Versace Eros is undeniably youthful. The sweetness of the fragrance makes it a bit more unsuitable for a mature businessman type and more suited for the age 18-30 crowd who enjoy nights out.

It can be unisex though. If you’re a woman who likes sweet fragrances with a slight masculine touch, then you may be able to pull off Versace Eros. It isn’t as masculine as some perfumes thanks to the sweetness.

When to Wear

When it comes to occasions to wear Versace Eros, nighttime is the most obvious. It’s sexy, seductive, and sweet, perfect for a date night or when you’re heading out with the boys. Its strength is another factor that makes it great for going out to clubs as well as dates.

Versace Eros is wearable in a casual manner, you just need to be careful with the spritzes. Make sure you take it easy on the trigger and dial back your spritz routine. Just a few squirts go a long way when you’re wearing them to the office or for a coffee.


Versace Eros has a pretty unique DNA, combining the woods, apple, mint, and vanilla in a way that hasn’t really been replicated. Not many scents have the same profile, meaning you’ll be pretty hard-pressed to find someone in the same place smelling similar to you.

When the fragrance was first released in 2012 it was moderately well worn, so you could maybe bump into someone who has Eros on, but now that time has passed you have way less chance of smelling like someone else when wearing it.

Value For Money

in our eyes, Versace Eros is good value when it comes to a staple men’s fragrance. It isn’t absolutely blinding value, but 100ml is going to last you a long time and can be had in the £60-£70 range, which is quite a nice price.

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely likable sweet fragrance.
  • Pretty unique so you won’t smell like everyone else.
  • Well known for its compliments.
  • Office friendly (Easy on the squirts!)
  • Reformulated to make it stronger.


  • Can be cloyingly sweet if you spray too much.
  • If you don’t like sweet fragrances, you may not like them.

Similar Perfumes

Versace Eros has two flankers if you want the smell with a twist:

Versace Eros Flame

This is the same bottle but red. Adding some spicy facets thanks to pepper and rosemary and a bit more citrus thanks to Mandarin orange, the sweet notes are toned down. This is a more daytime and summer-acceptable version of classic Eros. Just as strong though.

Versace Eros EDP

Eros EDP is the EDP flanker to the original. The EDP version goes in the opposite direction of Eros Flame, adding to the sweeter facets and taking away some of the freshness. You’ve got thick patchouli in the base with Eros EDP, as well as a candied apple in the opening. Eros EDP is more for night times and colder weather.

Another apple and vanilla-based fragrance would be:

Parfums de Marly Layton EDP

Whilst this is over 3x the price, it’s like a higher-end, luxury perfume version. Using apple and vanilla combined with cardamom, you get the same type of vibe but more luxurious. If you’re after a more refined version of this alluring fragrance and have a bit of money to spend, you may like this perfume.

Our Verdict

Versace Eros is a great fragrance and can be an absolute compliment monster. The sweet notes combined with the fresh side of the fragrance make it pretty unique and alluring – an easy reach for nighttime activities.

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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