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Versace Pour Homme Review

Versace Pour Homme Review

Versace Pour Homme Review

A modern classic, Versace Pour Homme holds a special place in many men’s hearts. We’ll see exactly why in this review, covering all the details you need to know to see if Versace pour Homme could be your next favourite fragrance.

Perfume Story

Versace had launched a few fragrances but hadn’t created any waves in the industry. The brand set out to create a men’s fragrance that would be timeless, a symbol of masculinity and also easy to wear. Versace brought in the most decorated perfumer of all time, Alberto Morillas, to help with the creative direction.

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The presentation of Versace pour homme is the same style as the other fragrances in the pour homme line – a simple rectangular bottle with a geometric design on the front. In the centre of the bottle is the iconic Medusa head in polished silver. The cap is also polished silver, with the juice a striking blue.

The sprayer is also top class, no squabbles there.

Our Thoughts

Versace Pour Homme isn’t a groundbreaking scent, but it’s an incredibly easy-to-wear floral scent. It isn’t in your face, it’s a subdued and quaint smell that will help you smell good day to day. It will garner compliments thanks to the pleasant aroma and is an absolute banger during the summer.

A big bonus is the price. Whilst we’ll go more into it later on, it’s pretty damn cheap which makes it an easy buy for a nice casual scent.

How many sprays are required?

Versace Pour Homme is pretty weak, so you can be quite liberal with the sprays. It’s made for the heat so in a slightly hotter environment you can get away with 4-6 sprays. In colder environments, you need to go quite heavy on the sprays and can get away with 8-10. As always, see how Versace Pour Homme works with your skin chemistry.


Top Notes




Bitter orange leaves

Rose de Mai

You’re immediately hit by a citrus blast upon the first spray of Versace pour homme. The citrus notes here are plentiful, with a wonderfully fresh blend of lemon, bergamot and orange leaves and neroli flower. It’s quite a bitter citrus feeling thanks to the tangy and very zesty bergamot and bright neroli, but uplifting at the same time. The rose isn’t the girly kind, it’s a bit jammy and only supports the citrus facets.

Heart Notes


Cedar wood

Clary Sage


After the citrus blast at the start starts to calm down – about 5 minutes in – the major floral facets come out to play. You have a very nice and bright hyacinth as well as another flower, both of which are wrapped in a fresh clary sage. The cedar nicely ground out these pleasant floral aspects with a sweet wood.

Base Notes

Tonka Bean


Mineral Amber

In the drydown, the sweeter facets pop up to leave a wonderfully sweet facet that is really nice and creamy. The tonka bean is the main player, with its powderiness. On top of the tonka bean is a wonderful musk to add a bit of dirtiness and finally more facets which add earthy sweetness.




Versace Pour Homme is anything but a powerhouse in the performance department. The sillage isn’t very large and it’s more of a general-use frag to quickly grab and go or keep topping up. You’ll be lucky if you get an arm’s length of trail behind you.


Again, Versace pour homme is quite weak. Compared to other frags in this category, it’s just below average in terms of longevity, with around 4 hours of decent projection until it sits on the skin for a few more hours.


Again, you’ll find moderate projection with Versace Pour Homme. Around half a metre worth of scent bubble, with a bit more than that when it’s hot.

Target Market

Versace pour homme is very masculine, even though there are a few flowery elements in there. A man of any age could rock this, you just have to be comfortable with wearing a fragrance with flowery tones.

When to Wear

Versace Pour Homme is signature scent worthy. It isn’t quite strong enough to be a statement frag that you wear to an event or whilst hitting bars or clubs. It’s perfect for casual day-to-day wear, with facets that don’t offend anyone but that are just unusual enough to catch people’s attention when they get a whiff. It really does well during the summer and could easily be a staple during this season.


Versace Pour Homme isn’t that unique in modern times. A few frags have been released which are very close to this so it doesn’t stand out that much. But that’s the point of this – not to smell totally unique, but to smell really good in everyday situations.

Value For Money

This is one of the frags’ strongest points – you can grab it for pretty cheap and it’s easily found at many online discounters. Local drug stores also carry it discounted. Just a quick search has yielded prices of £45/$60 ish for 100ml – a good price for a signature scent you can wear every day.

Pros & Cons


  • Great price
  • Nice presentation
  • Inoffensive smell with unique facets
  • Incredibly easy to pull off
  • Signature frag worthy


  • Not mega unique
  • If you don’t like flowery frags, you may not like it
  • Slightly lacking in performance

Similar Perfumes

Chanel Allure Homme Sport

A higher-end and more refined version of Versace, This fragrance carries the same citrus, wood and Tonka vibe except done a bit better. It’s never on discount though so you’ll most likely be paying full whack.


If you like the vibe of Versace but want a cleaner fragrance, you may want to try Y. A bit different, it’s a smash hit that women simply love. Very strong and aromatic, there’s almost no sweetness here and it’s a bit less citrusy. This is well worn though so you’ve got a good chance of bumping into someone wearing it.

Our Verdict

Versace Pour Homme isn’t that unique and doesn’t perform amazingly well, but it’s a great frag if you’re looking for a pretty cheap and easy-to-pull-off signature smell. This one is a pretty safe blind buy since it’s not too groundbreaking, so if you can find a great deal I’d advise you to pull the trigger!

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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