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Versace The Dreamer Review

Versace The Dreamer Review

Versace The Dreamer Eau De Toilette is now deemed a classic scent by many people in the fragrance community, being released a little over 10 years ago. Combining floral sweetness with a bit of an edge, it took many people by surprise with its creativity. But does it stand the test of time? Well, in this Versace The Dreamer Review, we’re going to take a closer look at this classic which is one of Versaces’ best-selling fragrances of all time.

Brand And Perfume History

Versace is a huge fashion brand that was created in 1978 by Gianna Versace. The brand is still run by the Versace family even after his death, and it still remains a powerhouse in the fashion industry. The iconic Medusa Logo sports all of its products and it’s from this logo that we can see the brand incorporating Greek themes in its products.

Versace moved into fragrances and perfumes in 1995 with the women’s fragrance ‘Blonde’, and since then have released a number of different fragrances.

The Dreamer was released in 2010 and created a split in the industry, thanks to its wild creativity. During this time period, many men’s fragrances were overly masculine and sweet. The Dreamer has a heavy use of Florals and this focus on a floral scent was a shock to many people. The people who liked The Dreamer loved it, whilst the people who didn’t like it absolutely hated it.

Perfume Story

Wanting to release a men’s fragrance & Versace cologne that could answer the best-selling ‘Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme, Versace set to work to create a masculine fragrance that makes use of traditional floral scents.

They brought in perfumer Jean Pierre Bethouart for The Dreamer, who has a long and rich history in creating men’s fragrances with a floral touch, to head the creative direction. He got to work creating a totally unique fragrance that uses wild and aromatic plants along with more masculine scent notes such as tobacco notes and tonka bean.

Trying to capture the essence of the romantic soul, The Dreamer is probably one of the most unusual scents you’ll ever smell – but it is a rather pleasant scent if we do say so ourselves!

Perfume Bottle & Presentation

The box of the fragrance is pretty cool – it really captures The Dreamer smell. It features stars and the scent really can make you feel like your head is in the clouds.

The bottle is like most Versace bottles, very simple in its design but pleasing to the eye. You have a long, opaque bottle adorned with the classic Medusas head, The cap and sprayer are both silver metal, which gives a nice contrast. The sprayer is also fantastic, giving you a great spray every time.

Our Thoughts

I will state that The Dreamer is one of the strangest and most feminine men’s fragrances I’ve ever smelled. If you’re used to hyper-masculine leathers and woods, then this will come as a real shock to the system. The florals can be very overpowering if you aren’t ready for them and will take some time to get used to. But the dry down recaptures the masculinity and is less of a shock.

But it smells amazing if you can pull it off. It’s so different to the blue fragrances that everyone is used to it can really capture attention and if it matches your personality, you have a signature fragrance that almost no one else is wearing that’s pretty damn cheap!

How many sprays are required?

Versace The Dreamer can be quite strong, so you’ll want to make sure you wear the right number of sprays you wear to the situation and weather.

When wearing day to day or as a signature scent, 3-4 sprays are more than enough. It isn’t a beast by any means, but you’ll be smelling nice (and quirky) for most of the day – this is office wear suitable.

Summertime and high heat will see you needing fewer sprays, 2-3. The heat really works well with florals, especially white florals, so Versace The Dreamer really shines in this situation.

Finally in winter, colder weather and evening times, you can go a bit heavier on the sprays – 4-5, maybe even 6 if it’s really cold. The coldness subdues the strength of the florals and you’ll most likely find that the sweet base is a bit more prominent.


Top Notes




The top notes of Versace The Dreamer are full of spicy goodness. The juniper gives a very slight Gin & Tonic vibe, whilst the tarragon adds a herbal spiciness. The Artemesia introduces the start of the white florals and gives a clean feeling to the opening.

Middle Notes




Mandarin Orange

The mid see’s the introduction of the white florals, and they’re in full effect here. The floral note of Lily is the prominent thing you’ll get in the mid, with a powdery Iris. The flax and orange are more supportive, making sure the florals aren’t too feminine and adding a bit of character to an already pretty wild scent.

Base Notes

Tobacco blossom


Tonka Bean

The base notes are where Versace The Dreamer reigns it in. The florals start to fade after about 2 hours and this wonderful, sweet tobacco enters. This isn’t the rough tobacco you find in many scents, it’s the tobacco flower, so it’s less harsh and cleaner.

The tobacco is supported with the sweet amber & tonka bean, adding even more masculine sweetness and really helping to give this delicious base its longevity.



Versace The Dreamer has a moderate sillage – it’s not going to be filling up hallways but it will leave a lingering trail behind you. It’s an unusual men’s fragrance, so many people will notice it even though the sillage isn’t mind-blowing. Expect about half a metre worth of scent trail for a good few hours after you spray this on.


Versace’s The Dreamer has pretty decent longevity – on average it’s about 6-8 hours, with 4 of those having a good projection. You’ll constantly be reminded that the fragrance is working as it’s incredibly noticeable on yourself, so you’ll know exactly when the scent is starting to fade away.


This thing is pretty wild for an hour or two, and can really push off you – especially in the heat. In a cooler environment, you get a nice foot of projection for 2-3 hours, with the fragrance slowly becoming a sweet skin scent, with the white florals fading.

Target Market

There’s one real target market I can think of – young creative males. The artsy type. Versace The Dreamer is a very out-there scent and I can’t really picture a rugged man wearing it, or even a regular office worker. The floral heavy mid may scare a lot of men who aren’t used to them away. You need the type of personality that suits a loud fragrance, as this can really turn heads.

When to Wear

Again, this is a scent that matches the personality more than the situation. You could hypothetically wear this anywhere if you have the right attitude and personality. It’s quite easy to wear even though it’s very different since most of the notes are light and inoffensive.

Daytime, nighttime, work or casual, The Dreamer can theoretically do it all. It’s just a case of being able to pull it off!


Top marks here – it’s incredibly distinct and unique. It’ll be very hard to find another man who’s wearing a tobacco and floral scent, so you’ll pretty much always be smelling unique.

Value For Money

Again, top marks. The Dreamer is quite a cheap buy, with a quick search showing that you can now get this from drugstores for as little as $28/£21. This, for me, makes it an absolute steal – it has the uniqueness of a niche fragrance but costs less than a meal at a mid-tier restaurant.

This is definitely a fragrance you do not want to blind buy though. Even though it’s cheap, it’s very out there, so try and get yourself a sample if you can first.

Pros & Cons


  • Can be had for cheap
  • Head turning scent
  • Very versatile if you can pull it off
  • Nice bottle and sprayer
  • Easy signature scent if you have the personality


  • Very out there & floral heavy
  • Can be deemed feminine
  • Performance isn’t mind-blowing

Similar Perfumes

Prada L’Homme

A great fragrance by itself, this has the same vibe as The Dreamer except instead of the sweet dry down with tobacco & amber, it’s replaced with a cleaner drydown. An office staple, if you want a cleaner version of The Dreamer with fewer florals, this is well worth a look.

Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme

The scent that was seen as the main rival to The Dreamer, this is a more masculine take on florals. It’s no way near as unique as The Dreamer, so if you like the idea of florals and tobacco but want a more mass-appealing take, give this a gander.

Our Verdict

the Dreamer certainly is out there. If you can work with the white floral notes and you like your fragrances to be creative, The Dreamer could work incredibly well for you. You’ll smell totally unique and the sweet tobacco base is really, really good. But DO NOT blind buy The Dreamer. Get a sample or try it in-store first and see how you feel about it.

0/5 Bottle
0/5 Sillage
0/5 Longevity
0/5 Projection
0/5 Price

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