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Best Amber Perfumes You Can Buy Right Now

Amber perfumes are influential and very aromatic in comparison to other perfumes available on the market. The reason amber fragrances hold long lasting preference is down to the projection these amber notes offer, and the long lasting sillage that comes with the fragrant element. Some amber comes as a blend of natural oils, where others will have a synthetic edge to really heighten the fragrant accords and make them last longer in terms of wear. Amber scents come as either a grey amber or a white amber, as the main base note, or it can be an amber perfume made up of multiple base notes to heighten the quality of the unisex fragrance.

Popular notes that are added in the best amber perfumes include woody fragrance notes such as cedarwood that offer an earthy scent and woody aroma. Other popular notes include pink pepper, mandarin orange blossom and creamy musk, which can make the overall signature scent, a sweet amber, rather than a heavy amber resin.

Nevertheless, the powdery scent that is offered is very alluring and seductive and there is a reason people often make amber based fragrances their signature scents. While there are many selections of choices available on the market, knowing the amber perfumes that are formulated with base notes of amber, to ensure durability and performance is important, and it is important you pick well to get the result you want. Below are some of the best amber perfumes you can buy right now on the market, alongside the most popular notes within the best amber perfumes today.

The Best Amber Fragrance Brands for 2023


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

Baccarat Rouge Perfume


Yes, you are not mistaken, you have seen this perfume referenced once again amongst the ranks of best perfumes. This cult buy is a winner for many reasons, and we could talk about Baccarat Rouge 540 all day. However, most importantly, the scent is a predominantly amber dense fragrance, that blends exceptionally well with the Sambac jasmine floral notes that have been added with saffron and a warm vanilla to make the overall scent a resinous creamy amber Eau de Parfum. 

If you like a scent to have a heavy velvety first impression and texture, this would certainly be the one for you. While the scent has never been specified as a female predominant scent, the burst of elements from floral accords in combination with cedarwood, do give a feminine vibrance, and give a degree of cosy seductiveness in the art of femininity. 

Base Notes Within Maison Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

  • Saffron
  • Indian Jasmine accord
  • Warm Vanilla Orchid
  • Dry Amber
  • Fir Resin
  • Cedar

Aerin Amber Musk 


Aerin Amber Musk


Aerin Amber Musk is a warm and light fragrance that makes you feel that you have a soft fleece blanket covering you up in a cosy warm aroma. The floral blends here cleverly work with the musky scent and the denser dried down sexy amber to offer a seductive overall warmth that’s sensual, subtle and really showcases the saying ‘less is more’.

If you like tropical scents such as coconut water, this accord is included in the makeup, alongside creamy vanilla, and will lift your spirits to make it the perfect summer fragrance too, despite the spicier elements which also make it compatible for a cold snowy night. It’s an all-round seasonal choice and definitely one of the best amber perfume choices within our recommendations.

Base Notes Within Aerin Amber Musk

  • Vanilla bean
  • Coconut water
  • Turkish Rose
  • Rose Centifolia 
  • White Amber
  • White Musk
  • Benzoin
  • Sandalwood
  • Lily of the Valley

Jo Malone Violet and Amber Absolu 


Jo Malone Violet and Amber Absolu

Another of the best amber perfume fragrances is the Jo Malone Violet and Amber Absolu. This beautiful blend really reaches out and channels the oriental exotic elements that are intoxicating, elegant and sophisticated. The fragrance not only has the woody notes of cedarwood and sandalwood that come with a heavy based amber fragrance, there is also biodegradable musk, oud, violet and other floral accords that subtly contribute to the top and heart notes of the perfume. 

While it is a powerful fragrance, it isn’t overpowering and really is a perfect all-round fragrance choice. In summer, the added heat will allow your natural scent from your glands to diffuse with the fragrance and add more depth to the perfume, and make it an even more addictive scent. Within winter, the fragrance offers a large projection with very little maintenance for upkeep. Jo Malone’s oil based fragrances have an excellent reputation for durability and performance, and of course this one in particular is a very inviting scent.

Base Notes Within Amber Absolu

  • Violet accord
  • Oud
  • White Musk
  • Black Currant
  • Sweet Amber

Dior Ambre Nuit 

Ambre Nuit Dior

Ambre Nuit is the perfect velvet amber romance in a scent that offers honey tones, warmth and delicate florals, to give excellent performance and all-day wear. The clever use of notes is enveloping and really draws in others in the room or close proximity. While this perfume does take some inspiration from Dior Beauty, the accords are stronger and denser, meaning it is a longer lasting fragrance in comparison.

Base Notes Within Dior Ambre Nuit

  • Honey
  • Grey Amber
  • Cedar
  • Patchouli
  • Guaiac Wood

Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant 

Tom Ford Soleil Brulant


Last but not least, we have yet another famous fragrance that comes from the prestigious perfumery, Tom Ford. This fragrance is meant to evoke memories of warmer climates, oriental and cultural discovery. The elements that are integrated within the scent are a mixture of aromatic spices, musky scents, florals, honey and of course amber, giving you an overall sweet depth that isn’t too sickly, but perfectly balanced. The unisex scent is a fragrance that’ll work for all occasions, as it is a very unique scent in comparison to other fragrances out there.

Just a spritz of this scent on your bare skin, will offer a very strong performance with your unique body chemistry. The comforting touches from the amber scent showcase once again how Tom Ford is a master perfumer, and will continue to do so.

Base Notes Within Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant 

  • Olibanum
  • Honey
  • Amber
  • Sandalwood
  • Cedar
  • Vetiver
  • Leather

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