What Perfume Does Kate Middleton Wear?

What Perfume Does Kate Middleton Wear?

If you’re a royal family enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of the fragrance brand Penhaligon’s. Yes, that’s right – the fragrance brand behind the wedding of the century is famous for its perfumes. The perfume that was chosen for Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William in 2011 has become a sensation amongst royal fragrance enthusiasts.

The royal family has rich fragrance history with fragrances dating back to the Victorian era. In this blog, we’ll discuss Kate Middleton’s signature fragrance and others worn by Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana of Wales. We’ll also tell you how these perfumes are different from each other and how they became popular in pop culture over the years.

Who is Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge. She is an icon and is known for her fashion and style choices. Her signature scent is said to be Givenchy’s eau d’ blanc de toilette. The duchess prefers to rotate her perfumes instead of wearing one signature scent. Besides, Kate’s hair styling hack also grabbed the attention of the media. In general, the duchess is a popular figure for her old-fashioned hairstyles and fashion sense.

As of now, she has been crowned as the world’s most beautiful woman and has won several awards for her impeccable style. Not only this, but she also rubbishes rumors of being a royal stalker by preferring to stay away from the limelight in her free time.

More so, Kate has been known for her charitable activities as well. She was part of the ‘Together We Can’ campaign which aims at raising funds for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013. The duchess has also lent support to various causes such as Save the Children and the National Overexposure to Lead charity. She has won hearts not only with her royal lifestyle but also with her down-to-earth nature and charm that radiates from within.

Discovering the Duchess’ Favorite Fragrance

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is said to favor the fragrance of Côte d’Azur by Oribe. This fragrance smells of jasmine and orange blossom, which is a popular fragrance among women. Kate Middleton is reported to wear Orange Blossom by Jo Malone in her daily life. It has notes of orange blossom and sandalwood, and is a popular fragrance among women. Prince William is said to prefer the scent of Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet. This fragrance smells of jasmine and white lily, and is a popular fragrance among men. Royal family members are expected to be fragrance-free when attending official events. They are also known to stick to classic scents like amber, musk, and sandalwood as these fragrances are easy on the nose and are synonymous with royal status.

Giorgio Armani Light di Gioia

Giorgio Armani’s Light di Gioia is a Gardenia-based fragrance with a citrus opening note. The fragrance has top notes of bergamot orange, lemon and mandarin orange; middle notes of gardenia and jasmine; and base notes of white musk, cedarwood, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla. Light di Gioia is available exclusively at The Fragrance Shop in the UK and can also be found at Notinoin across the UK and Europe. In the US, Light di Gioia is available at Sephoraand Armani’s website.

Light di Gioia is part of the Giorgio Armani Gioia range of fragrances, which are light and refreshing. The fragrances feature prominent notes of citrus fruit for brightness and floral notes for femininity. Perfect for summer days or evening outings, the fragrances can be worn by both men and women.

Florence Tocca

Florence Tocca fragrances are a popular niche brand based in the United States. Their signature scent, Florence Eau de Parfum, features notes of bergamot, apple, and pear. The scent also includes a gardenia note and white floral heart notes. This creates a delicate and classy scent that is perfect for day or evening wear. Florence is described as delicate and classy, and it is an alternative to Illuminum White Gardenia Petals. This fragrance is ideal for perfume fans looking for a unique fragrance without the heavy notes of other scents. Plus, Florence Eau de Parfum offers many perfume fans the option of a perfume with a memorable scent without breaking the bank.

Annick Goutal Un Matin d’Orage

Annick Goutal is a French niche fragrance house that produces perfumes that are known for their unique and creative scents. The perfume Un Matin d’Orage features a green stem of the gardenia plant and an amalfi lemon opening note. It is greener than illuminum white gardenia petals, which makes the perfume unique and different from other fragrances.

Un Matin d’Orage is similar to illuminum white gardenia petals, which makes the perfume unique and different from other fragrances. Annick Goutal perfumes have notes of water lily, iris, jasmine, bergamot, orange blossom, ozone, lily of the valley, cedar wood, sandalwood, musk, ambergris and vanilla. These notes make them smell fresh and appealing. Besides, the perfumes have a hint of greenness that makes people think of nature.

Annick Goutal perfumes are made with ingredients such as white lily flower water, cedar wood oil, iris leaf water and jasmine blossom water. This approach of creating perfumes has made the house popular among perfume fans who appreciate fragrance with a hint of greenness to it.

Penhaligon’s Lily Of The Valley

Penhaligon’s Lily of the Valley is a fragrance for women, created by the British perfumer Illuminum White. The fragrance opens with notes of citrus and bergamot, leading to white gardenia petals and oakmoss in the middle. It is a sophisticated scent that captures the essence of lily of the valley, an iconic flower.

Lily of the valley is known for its prominent floral notes and bright, sunny scent. It has been a popular fragrance among women for years, and Penhaligon’s Lily of the Valley is a popular choice. This perfume primarily features lily of the valley in its signature note, with oakmoss and geranium providing a base note. It offers a crisp, feminine scent that any woman can enjoy.

The Perfume Behind the Royal Wedding

The Floris London wedding scent of Meghan and Harry was bergamot, orange blossom, ginger, and green tea. The duo chose the fragrance after being inspired by the brand’s Bergamotto di Positano perfume. It has notes of bergamot fruit, orange blossom flower, ginger root, and green tea leaf.

The duchess of Sussex is also known to have favoured Floris London, wearing their signature White Rose scent. The fragrance created for the royal wedding was a nod to the brand’s White Rose fragrance. This is a floral scent with notes of white rose petals, jasmine blossom, ripe orange essence, and dewy green middle notes. It’s one of Floris’s most popular fragrances and is perfect for wedding day celebrations.

What is the perfume that Kate Middleton wore to her royal wedding? Well, she donned the duchess’s favourite lily-of-the-valley scent from the White Jasmine fragrance range from Floris London. The duchess of Sussex has been spotted wearing this fragrance on several occasions.


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