What perfume does Kylie Jenner wear?

What perfume does Kylie Jenner wear?

There’s no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner family has a signature scent. The media, their fans, and social media influencers alike have all discussed how the family’s signature perfume is the fragrance they are known for. Each of the sisters has her signature perfume with her own unique fragrance notes. But what perfume does Kylie Jenner wear? Well, we’re here to tell you all about it! Let’s dig deeper into the Kardashians’ favorite perfumes and Kylie’s fragrance tips.

Who is Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner is a 21-year-old businesswoman, influencer, reality TV star, and the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family. She is the founder of Kylie Cosmetics, and recently announced her collaboration with her sister Kim Kardashian’s KKW Fragrance brand. Her beauty line focuses on bold lips, liquid lipstick, and eye shadow.

As a teenager, she launched her own lifestyle brand called Kylie Cosmetics, which offers affordable makeup products for women of all ages and skin tones. The self-proclaimed ” Lip Kit Queen” has been featured in magazine covers and advertisements as well as on television shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Life of Kylie. Her beauty line’s popularity has made it the envy of many aspiring makeup artists worldwide.

Kylie Jenner’s Signature Scent

Recently, Kylie Jenner’s signature scent became a topic of discussion among fans. The Los Angeles-based social media personality is known for her passion for fresh, unobtrusive scents that smell clean and won’t overpower. She often chooses brands with coconut water, shampoos and conditioners to waft her favorite smell. Her favorite fragrance is Kim Kardashian’s original fragrance from the range of Kim Kardashian perfumes.

However, Kim’s fragrances are yet to be released as Kylie Cosmetics. The 22-year-old’s favorite note is sandalwood, which is why she has been seen wearing the notes in her fragrance of choice too. Generally speaking, coconut fragrances are the best pick for women who like the scent of coconut milk or coconut oil. The best ones to try would be coconut spray whipped body wash and coconut spray whipped fragrance mist.

Kylie’s Favorite Perfumes

Kylie Jenner is known for her passion for fragrances that the average person can’t even imagine. She is often seen wearing perfumes from her sister Kim Kardashian’s perfume range, such as the original scent of the Eau de Parfum Spray. Amongst her favorite perfumes, she has coconut-based fragrances such as Clean Air & Coconut Water and Oscar Jasmine. These are perfect for the hot summer months. Another fragrance she likes is Vanilla Sugar. This fragrance is sweet and vanilla-y with hints of coconut. She also loves products with coconut water, such as shampoos and conditioners.

A few months ago, Kylie posted a photo of herself enjoying coconut water on Instagram with the caption ‘sunday’s best coconut water day’. It hinted at her love for coconut water and the fragrance of the famous coconut water brand name. In addition to this, some of Kylie’s other favorite fragrances include Faberge by Marc Jacobs and Dove Pure Beauty Fresh Coconut Milk & Honey Body Wash and Shower Gel . These fragrances reflect Kylie’s passion for coconut-based fragrances and cleanliness in general.

The Kardashians’ Fragrances

Kylie Jenner has also been releasing signature fragrances of her own. Kim Kardashian’s fragrance, the Kim Kardashian Eau de Parfum Spray for Women is a favorite among fans. Known for its citrus scent, the scent is described as feminine and playful. It comes in a spray bottle with a diamond-shaped spray top and has notes of jasmine, peony, coconut water, and musk.

Kardashian’s fragrances are more intense and longer-lasting than their $30 options. The KKWBody fragrances are made with natural botanical ingredients that are intended to leave the wearer with a clean, citrus scent. They come in body wash, mist, and candle varieties and have notes of coconut water, jasmine, peony, ambergris, vanilla bean, and musk.

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion by Victoria’s Secret

If you’re a fan of the Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist, then you’d know it’s a must-try for summer. The fragrance is composed of coconut notes with vanilla and lily notes for added fragrance. This fruity fragrance is loved by many women for its versatility and its combination of juicy coconut, vanilla, and lily.

The coconut note in the perfume makes it an ideal choice during the summer months. The coconut notes are known to be invigorating and the vanilla notes help balance it out. Plus, the lily fragrance adds a refreshing note that is beloved by many women. For Kylie Jenner, lighter scents are perfect as they don’t have any strong fragrances that can give them headaches.

Gardenia Elizabeth Taylor by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s Gardenia fragrance is a floral scent which is easy to wear. It is suitable for any occasion and has a long-lasting effect. This scent contains peony and orchid as its uplifting heart. Similar fragrances include L’Instant Magic by Guerlain, Kenzo Jungle Elephant by Kenzo, and Boss by Hugo Boss. Kylie Jenner is a fan of this fragrance as it reminds her of the fresh air of the garden.

The essence of Elizabeth Taylor’s Gardenia perfume is floral, bright and refreshing – perfect for the warm months of the year. It’s a unique scent that’s easy to fall in love with.

Clean Air & Coconut Water by Clean

Clean Air & Coconut Water is the ideal summer fragrance for Kylie Jenner. The fragrance is formulated with coconut and coconut water, creating a light and fresh scent that epitomizes luxury at a great price. Similar fragrances include Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino by Dolce & Gabbana, Pure Grace Nude Rose by Philosophy, and La Tentation de Nina Ricci by Nina Ricci.

The scent has been designed to minimise the potential for causing headaches, which is a common issue with many perfumes. The coconut base of the fragrance ensures it’s free of chemicals and other harmful ingredients, making it safer for the wearer and the environment. This makes Clean Air & Coconut Water an ideal choice for both summer days and those who want a fragrant perfume that won’t cause headaches.

Oscar Jasmine by Oscar De La Renta

Oscar Jasmine perfume is a white floral perfume created by Oscar de la Renta. It’s a versatile scent that appeals to all ages and features a mix of floral, citrus, green, and woody notes. The fragrance has been described as exquisitely feminine without being overly frilly, which makes it the perfect choice for any occasion. It’s especially popular among women who love the scent of flowers but aren’t afraid to add a little edge to their signature scent.

Oscar Jasmine perfume has been a favorite among celebrities for years, and it’s no wonder why. Its beautiful jasmine aroma makes it the perfect choice for romantic evenings or casual days out with friends. Plus, its versatility makes it the perfect choice for year-round wear. The best part? You can easily find Oscar Jasmine perfume in your local department store or online retailer.


If you’re looking for a fragrance that’s fresh and floral, or a scent that’s woody and musky, Kylie Jenner’s favorite perfumes are the way to go. She has her own perfume line, and she’s definitely the queen of picking the perfect scent for any occasion. Every fragrance of hers is so distinct and feminine, making it easy to trust her perfume recommendations for any special occasion or day-to-day life situations. If you’re looking for something unique yet affordable, the perfume range of the Kardashians and the Jenners is a good place to start.


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