What Perfume Does Queen Elizabeth Wear?

What Perfume Does Queen Elizabeth Wear?

Queen Elizabeth was the longest reigning British monarch, having held the title since 1952.  Each of the royal family members has their own signature scent, and Queen Elizabeth’s perfume of choice is Youth Dew by Estee Lauder. There’s a fascinating story behind how the queen came to select this fragrance as her signature perfume. Besides the queen, other members of the royal family are known for their love of perfumes as well. Despite Queen Elizabeth’s passing, her memory and influence remains and perhaps holds even more sentimental value. If you are interested in the history of Queen Elizabeth’s signature scent and the fragrance choices of other royals in the family, make sure to continue reading.

Queen Elizabeth’s Signature Scent

Her Majesty wore Floris scent on her wedding day to Prince Philip in 1947. The fragrance was chosen by the queen herself and was noted for its jasmine fragrance. Her Majesty’s favorite fragrance was the White Rose by Guerlain, which she had been wearing since the year 2000. This fragrance is said to have vanilla notes with white gardenia as its main note. In addition, the queen’s personal fragrance of choice is Bond No.9’s London Celebration eau de parfum. This eau de parfum was launched to mark the queen’s jubilee in 2012 and is a blend of wild jasmine, violet petals, iris and musk.

Meghan Markle chose Floris London’s ‘Beramotto di Positano’ for her wedding day, and the scent of lavender from Dr. Bronner’s body wash will also certainly be a favourite of the queen. The queen has also been spotted wearing parfum d’Empire by Cartier and Fendi’s eau de parfum ‘Chateau de Cartier’. This is the queen’s signature scent, and no one can forget it.

Popular fragrances associated with Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly fond of the fragrance Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue, which was created in 1912 and features a spicy citrus scent with a powdery dry down. This scent is often described as feminine and ethereal, making it a popular choice for the royal family.

The Surprising History Behind the Royal’s Favorite Perfume

The British monarchy has a long-standing connection to the world of signature scents. The King of England, Charles III’s cologne, Eau Sauvage by Dior Parfum, is one of the most popular royal perfumes. While Princess Diana was a fan of several perfumes, including First by Van Cleef & Arpels, Penhaligon’s Bluebell, and Hermès 24 Faubourg. Floris has been a royal favourite since King George IV’s reign in the 1800s and was even the maker of the bespoke scent created for the Royal Wedding in 2018. The King is known to be a fan of Floris too, which is why it’s no surprise he became the patron of the perfume house.

Are there any stories behind Queen Elizabeth’s choice of fragrances?

In the Floris perfume case, the queen’s fragrance of choice is the iconic ‘Viole’ eau de parfum. This fragrance was introduced as a limited-edition fragrance in 2002 and it quickly became a favourite of the queen and all her royal family members. The fragrance is described as an ethereal fragrance of wild violet delicate and lily-like, with hints of amber and sandalwood.

There are several stories behind the queen’s fragrance of choice. There’s the wild violet story – this evokes images of bluebells, primroses, heathers, meadowsweet, jasmine and daffodils, to name a few. There’s also the lily-like story-it is an ethereal perfume that is reminiscent of lilies, iris, peonies and musk. Not to forget the amber and sandalwood story-the scent is a mix of sandalwood and amber incense with hints of cinnamon and citrus. And lastly, the wild violet will always be there story-the queen takes her perfume preferences seriously and has been loyal to Floris’s ‘Viole’ eau de parfum for over 10 years now.

Other Favourite Perfumes of the Royal Family

Kate Middleton and other members of the royal family have favoured fragrances by Jo Malone, Penhaligon’s, and Davidoff. These perfumes are known for their unique scents and the high level of detail put into the final product. The royal family’s perfume preferences reflect their discerning palettes and the mark they leave on the fashion industry. 


Queen Elizabeth’s perfume of choice is the classic fragrance of royal elizabeth ii perfume – rose, jasmine, and tuberose. It’s no wonder why the queen adored this scent. Not only does it smell heavenly, but the royal family has been using the same scent for centuries. And that’s not all – the queen has a special technique of applying perfume that ensures the scent lasts longer. When traveling on public transport, she applied the perfume to her wrists and behind her ears. And when driving, she sprayed perfume onto a cotton pad and presses it against her temples. If you want to get the queen’s signature scent, you can pick up elizabeth II rose perfume at harrods or elizabeth II jasmine & rose perfume at harrods e-boutique.


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